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Who did the Texans declare their independence from?

They declared independence from mexico

What did Texans become when it declared independence from Mexico?

It became the Texas republic.

What assumption did the Texans make when they declared independence from Mexico?

That the US would support their cause.

Texans won their independence under the leadership of?

Texans won their independence under the leadership of Sam Houston. Texas declared it's independence from Mexico on Mary 2, 1836.

What event happened immediately after Texans declared independence from Mexico in 1836?

Mexico declared war with America bc Mexico helped Texas gain their out nation but then came the annexation of texas

What nickname did Texans adopt after they declared independence?

Texans gave themselves the nickname of the Lone Star Republic when they declared themselves an independent state. Sam Houston was the president of the Texas Republic.

What were the Texans fighting for?

Independence from Mexico

What did Texans voted for after winning the independence from Mexico?

After winning the independence from Mexico most Texans voted for annexation. Texas won independence from Mexico in March 2, 1836 after the Texas revolution.

Did victory at the Alamo inspired the Texans to win their independence from Mexico?

Texas did not win at the Alamo they had already declared independence the Alamo was just a battle. They won independence by defeating Mexico at the battle of San jacinto where they captured Santa Anna

When did Texas declare itself an independent Republic from Mexico?

A group of Anglo-American Texans declared independence from Mexico on March 2, 1836, during the siege of The Alamo.

In 1836 Texans fought for independence from?


What events led to Texans to declare their independence from Mexico?


Where did the texans fight to gain their independence from mexico?


Where did Texans declare their independence from Mexico?

Washington on the Brazos

In what year did the Texans win its independence from Mexico?

On 1836.

What country did he Texans defeat to gain their independence?


What was the purpose of the soldiers fighting at the Alamo?

The purpose for the Battle of the Alamo is that Mexico was pursuing north into Texas to fight the Texans. The Texans had declared their independence from the U.S. and Mexico. Mexico though didn't see Texas as an independent country so the Texans rebelled. The Battle of the Alamo was basically for the independence for Texas. Although we lost that battle we won the war and up until The Battle at San Jacinto, Mexico didnt view us as an independent nation.

What year did Texans declare independence from Mexico?

In the year 1836

What War in which Texans fought for their independence from Mexico?

Texas Revolution.

How did the Texans win their independence?

They lost the 12-day battle of the Alamo, which gave the Texans some time to create a declaration of independence from mexico.

What were the events at which two locations inspired Texans to continue fighting for independence from Mexico?

The Alamo and goliad were to events that inspired Texans to keep fighting for their independence.

Did Texans worry about Mexico after they declared their independence?

Yes, because independence of Texas was never officially recognized by Mexico, that considered it a "rebellious province". Mexico entering the territory of Texas, which it considered of its own, was the cause of the Mexican-American War, because the United States not only recognized Texas independence but also annexed it as a new state, which Mexico considered illegal.

Why did Texans fight the Mexicans in the Alamo?

They wanted to maintain their independence from Mexico.

Where was 300 Texans massecerd in the war of independence from Mexico?

El Alamo

What document did the Texans want Mexico to honor?

the declaration of independence of Texas