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Blame for WW1The war began on When a Serbian nationalist group "the black hand" assassinated the heir to the Austrian-Hungarian throne franz Ferdinand, leading to retailliation. During the late nineteenth century, European nations had negotiated military alliances with each other that called for mutual protection, Germany had a treaty with austria. AnswerThe cause of world war one is not just a singular event or country. Many people blame Germany, and can justify their answer satisfactorily, though Germany was not the sole country resposible.

Before WW1, there was alot of tension in Europe, and the outbreak of war was probably inevitable. Pre-1914, alot of European countries were coloniusing distant nations and in 1914 one of the countries that they were most interested in was Africa, causing friction and competetiveness between them.

And when Franz Ferdinand was assassinated, it was not Germany who retaliated, but Austria-Hungary, Germany's allies. You could blame a few countries for joining the war, unnecessarily, but there is really no correct answer.

AnswerDuring the beginning of the 20th century, the strongest country in Europe was Britain. Her empire was the largest, industries the richest and navy the biggest. When Germany's empire grew it challenged Britain's position. At that time, Germany also conquered two French provinces. This made France a rival of Germany too.

The murder of the Archduke triggered the start of the war. The Archduke was the heir to the Austria-Hungarian throne. He and his wife visited Bosnia on 28 June 1914. In Bosnia, some Serbia's shot the couple to death. The Serbia's plotted against the Archduke because they hated Austria-Hungary for taking Bosnia away from Serbia.

Besides these two rivalries, other European countries were also unhappy with one another. Soon they took sides and two opposing groups emerged. The atmosphere was tense. Allies:

Britain France Russia America Central Powers:

Germany Italy Austria-Hungary

Austria-Hungary then accused the Serbian government of murder. Soon Austria-Hungary declared war on Serbia, with German support. Russia, which was friendly with Serbia, came to her help.

Soon other European nations began to take sides. World War I thus started with two opposing parties, the Central Powers and the Allies. The wear soon spread from Europe to the other parts of the globe, thus earning the name, "The First World War".

AnswerWW1 was Germany's fault. They started the first allies which ended up dragging other countries into the war. after Bismark had completed his life long goal of uniting Germany, he wanted to keep them united, and to do this he formed alliances. He had too many enemies and that is why these alliances were a neccesity to Bismark and his country of Germany. Other countries then formed alliances in fear of being attacked by Germany and one of its alliances. So when Archduke Francis Ferdinand was murdered Austria Hungary went to war with Serbia. It was Germany though that supported Austria Hungary's opinion for there own benefit. They feared a future war with Russia, so they favored Austria Hungary going to war with Serbia and even told them to take an offensive stance. Austria-Hungary then went to war and because of Bismarks start of alliances, a little war between Austria-Hungary and Serbia turned into a World War. If Otto Von Bismark hadn't started alliances, then it would have been a small war and World War 1 would have never started.
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Q: Who was to blame for World War 1?
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