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Britain's allies for the second world war were France, Russia and the USA. They all were part of the triple entente.

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Q: Who were Britain's allies in World War 1?
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What were Britains motives for World War 1?

Britains goal was to win the war then continue conquring the world.

What date did England join World War 1 and why?

England had joined the Great War when they Declared on Germany for attacking both Belgium and France who were Britains allies

Who were the first allies in World War I?

Who were the first allies in world war 1?

Did nationalists want to fight for Britains in World War 1?


Who was Britains main enemy during World War 1?


What countries were allies in World War I?

Russia, Britain and France were the Allies in World War 1.

What did the Germans have to do with World War 1?

the Germans were involved in world war 1 cause they were Siberia's allies and Russians allies

Allies in World War 1?

the allies in ww1 were the french

What was Britains population during world war 1?

8, but they were awsome people

Who were Britain's enemies in the world war 1?

britains enemies were France Germany

What was the result of World War 1?

The Allies won the war

How did the allies win World War 1 and World War 2?

We won

Are Russia and France allies?

In World War 1 Russia and France were allies.

How did the allies of world war 1 contribute to the war?

Primarily by fighting the war...

Who Were the allies of the US in World War 1 and World Not War 2?

japan and Italy

What side of the war was George Clemenceau on in World War 1?

The allies

What is the opposite of allies in world war 1?


Who was defeated in World War 1?

Germany and her allies

Who were the allies of the anzacs in world war 1?

The Russians

Were allies in the World War 1?

Communism ftw

Who was winning world war 1 in 1916?

The allies were

How was technology different from world war 1 from the civil war?

For one, in WWI, the Britains rolled out tanks for the first time.

Who were US's allies in World War 1?

The Allies in World War I included Russia, France, Great Britian, Italy, Japan, and the U.S.

Did the allies or the central powers win world war 1?

The Allies, which are America, Great Britain, France, and more, won World War I.

What kind of supplies did the Americans give to their allies in World War I?

In World War 1, the American contribution was mostly troops, not supplies for the allies.