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Jimmy Stewart (actor) was a pilot. Brigadier General Teddy Roosevelt Jr. (son of Pres. Theodore Roosevelt Winston Churchill, England's Prime Minister. Franklin E. Roosevelt U.S. President succeeded at his death by Harry S. Truman. Joseph Stalin, General Secretary of the Communist Party in the U.S.S.R. Hirohito, Emperor of Japan.

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Q: Who were some historical people in World War 2?
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Historical figures who played important roles in world war 2?

Some historical figures who played a important role in World War 2

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You should do some historical research about World War 1.

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some historical causes of the civil war were slavery and the splitting of the country people wanted to keep it together whcih caused it to split

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some historical events are Hawaii becoming a state, Alaska becoming a state, the Korean war, world war 1&2, the pig war(in Washington), and Obama being elected as president. I hope this answers your question.

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there were a lot of wars the japan were in such as world war 1 and world war 2. they also tried to invade Germany

Name some historical figures who played an important role in the World War 2?

Thomas Jefferson

How was it like in World War 2?

it was really sad for some people and some people even lost there family!! it was very noisy for some people, and some people had to get away from the war and go somewhere were the war wasn't!

What was a difference between World War 1 and world war 2?

World war 2 produced more dramatic historical changes.

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Some people were indeed tortured during World War 1. These people were typically prisoners of war that were held captive for ransom and incentives.

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World War 1 World War 2.

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The address of the World War Ii Historical Society is: Po Box 6185, Albany, NY 12206

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Germany won World War lll ; however, some people think

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World War I was called "The War to End All Wars". It did not.

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The Red Baron.

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Answer this question… World War II produced more dramatic historical changes.

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The web address of the World War Two Historical Reenactment Society Incorporated is:

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World War 1 and most of World War 2.