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there are not exactly 5 allies in ww2. but i think the alliance and co-operation between england, america and in someways france also, will have to be the most powerful. if spain had entered the axis then i would say that the axis powers would have been most powerful. I see you don't even mention the Soviet Union, which was responsible for over 75% of German deaths in combat. The most powerful of the Allies in World War II were: the United Kingdom, United States and the USSR. The British Empire if counted as one nation would be the most in the period. France was invaded and surrendered; excluding it from this list. There were not five or more main Allies in the war. In reference to the other two answers here: * The USSR itself was not responsible for the deaths of the so many German soldiers but the awful weather and, therefore, hypothermia

* ENGLAND DID NOT FIGHT IN WORLD WAR II AS AN INDEPENDENT ENTITY! Rather it was part of the United Kingdom which, in turn, was part of the British Empire. The United Kingdom itself consists of England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland! In order to impress upon you how silly it is to refer to the UK as England; a suitable analogy would be that someone referring to the whole of the United States simply said "Texas." I plea to anyone that reads this that they remember this as I, as a Scot, can feel marginalised when I see films from the United States referring to the Queen of England.

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Q: Who were the 5 most powerful Allies of World War 2?
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Who were our allies in World War 2?

Germany was our most powerful Allie.

What countries were the four most powerful members of the allies in World War 2?

The most powerful country was Germany,Italy,and japan

Who were America's allies in world war 2?

The most powerful Allies were the Soviet Union, Great Britain, and France. The US was also allied with Canada and Turkey.

Who had the most allies in world war 2?

The Allied Forces in World War 2 had more allies than the Axis did.

After World War 1 what countrywas the most powerful nation in the world?

After the first world war the USA became the most powerful one.

What world war battle lost the most allies?

World war 2

Who suffered the most deaths in World War 2 the axis Allies or neutral?


What happened in 1942 to help the allies win World War 2?

The Japanese bombed the United States causing them to join the war. The Allies gained a very powerful allie in the War when U.S.A came in

Who were the first allies in World War I?

Who were the first allies in world war 1?

What county emerged from the World War II as the richest most powerful nation in the world?

The United States emerged from World War II as the richest, most powerful nation on Earth.

Were feelings of loyalty to powerful empires rather than small nations a factor in World War 1?

It was a cause of World War 1, exacerbated by the treaties that bound powerful nations to defend smaller allies, leading to the inclusion of most of Europe in the war, along with the Ottoman Empire (one of the losers, as it dissolved after the war with the independence of Turkey).

What country was the main Ally of Serbia in 1914?

Russia was Serbia's main ally during World War I. Russia had a powerful army and powerful allies as well.

What was the most powerful bomb in World War 2?

The Atomic Bomb which was capable of completely destroy a city was the most powerful bomb in World War 2 and still is now.

What countries were allies in World War I?

Russia, Britain and France were the Allies in World War 1.

Who one the war axis or allies?

Allies in World War II

What is the most powerful weapon in World War 2?


Most powerful countries after World War 1?


What country was most powerful in World War 1?

Britain :)

Who had the most powerful navy before World War I?


Who emerged as the most powerful state after world war 2 in full?


Is Germany a enemy country?

Germany was a member of the Axis, and so an enemy of the Allies during World War 1 and World War 2. Today, Germany is the most powerful nation in Europe, a founding member of the European Union, and a strong ally of the US.

What side did FDR and most Americans favor in World War 2?

The Allies.

What two countries emerged from World War 2 as the most powerful countries in the world?

The two most powerful would be the United States and Russia, though the United States emerged as the only true world power after the war, Russia was still the second most powerful country (and still is today).

What battles did the allies win in world war?

Which World War?

Who were the two most powerful nations in the world after World War 2?