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Who were the allies of Britain in the Great War?


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Great Britain, Belgium, Italy, Russia, Siberia, Albania, and Montenegro


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Great Britain was the U.s. allies.

i think the allies at the end of the war were Great Britain, US. and the USSR

World war 2 was of two alliances. The Axis, and the Allies. Great Britain and U.S.A were on the Allies side.

Great Britain teamed up with the Allies.

Britain, France, Russia and America.

Great Britain and the United States were allies to defeat Germany so the US would not attack Great Britain.

Our allies in WW2 were Russia, Great Britain, and France.

No. China lost both Opium Wars to Great Britain and her allies.

Great Britain, France, and Russia

It didn't. The Allies were victorious.

Great Britain and the United States.

Yes. Britain was one of the Allies and Italy one of the Axis.

The allies of France were Russia, Great Britain, Italy, and the United States

The Allies, which are America, Great Britain, France, and more, won World War I.

Britain was one of the major Allies in World War 2. It was one of the 'Big Three' Allies ... Joncey

Yes because he lead Great Britain into Victory and help the Allies win the war

The Allies were: * U.S.A * Great Britain * France(for some time ) * USSR

Both World War I, and World War 2, brought France and Great Britain closer as allies, to fight the German Kaiser (WW I) and Hitler and Nazis Germany (WW II).

Great Britain served with the Allies.

The allies during World War 2 were The United States of America, Great Britain, Soviet Union, and the Republic of China

Australias allies in World War1 were Great Britain, France, Russia and the usa.

Our two best allies would be the Soviet Union & Great Britain

Great Britain (and the Allies)

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