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Who were the only to presidents to sign the US Constitution?


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George Washington and James Madison were among the 39 delegates who signed the U.S. Constitution in Philadelphia on September 17, 1787.


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yes infact there was some of our presidents who signed the us constitution.

Two men who signed the Constitution later became President under it: George Washington and James Madison.

No former US presidents signed the constitution. Two former presidents of the Continental Congress( Gorham and Mifflin) and two future US presidents (Washington and Madison) signed the constitution.

Nope he did not sign the Constitution

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The US Constitution has a right to make bills, but only the US President has the exclusive right to sign the Bill and turn it into a law.

Yes- these duties and powers are spelled out in Constitution.

The last person to sign the Constitution is Abraham Baldwin.


In the US, the office of President is prescribed by the Constitution.

Alexander Hamilton was the New York delegate who signed the US Constitution. Alexander Hamilton was a founding father of the US.

Yes, George Washington was the first to sign the U.S Constitution!

1789 when james madison sign the constitution so in 1789

George Washington (president of the convention and first president) and James Madison (fourth president) were the future Presidents who signed the Constitution.

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New government includes president and two-house legislature. power is divided between national and state governments. compromises allow slavery to continue. states debate and ratify Constitution. Bill of Rights added.only George Washington and James Madison signed the us constitution as presidents they were the only presidents who signed

Yes he did sign the US constitution. He also signed the Declaration of Independence and also help write it along with Thomas Jefferson.

None. The US Constitution requires the President to be a natural born citizen.

no . the point of a president is that there is only one at a time. there never are two presidents at once because the constitution only allows one . unless you count the vice president that is the only way there could be two

Washington There were several US Presidents who were not able to attend a college for obvious reasons. There can only be one who signed the US Constitution, and that would be the First President of the United States, George Washington. Find out who the others are.

George Washington and James Madison, Jr.

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