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North Vietnam and South Vietnam. N. Vietnam wanted communism to take over, but S. Vietnam didn't. So on N. Vietnam's side were Russia and China, and a group of rebellious ppl called Vietcong. They were called the Communists. On S. Vietnam's side was the U.S. and SEATO (Southeast Asia Treaty Organization, consists of Australia, New Zealand, South Korea, Thailand, and The Philippines.)
North against the South.

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Q: Who were the two countries the Vietnam War was between?
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What are the similarties between the Vietnam and the Afghanistan war?

Two nations (countries) (with their allies) were at war with each other in Vietnam. No nations are at war with Afghanistan.

Was Vietnam a civil war or a war between two countries?

Two separate countries: South Vietnam was officially called RVN (Republic of South Vietnam). When US servicemen landed in country, they were greeted with "Welcome to the Republic of South Vietnam" (enjoy your stay).

Which two original countries won the Vietnam war?

North Vietnam won them.

Who was a leader of Vietnam country in Vietnam War?

Vietnam was split into two countries during the vietnam war, the north was ruled by Ho Chi Minh and the South by Ngo Diem.

Which two countries won the Vietnam war?

Only one nation won the Viet War; North Vietnam. Interesting question, which two nations did you have in mind?

What two countries lie between Vietnam and Thailand?

Cambodia and Laos.

When did the Vietnam civil war between the north and south begin?

Most Historians like to use 1961 as the starting point for the war. The Vietnam War was NOT a civil war. A civil war is two armies from the same nation fighting itself. North Vietnam & South Vietnam were separate countries. They were never one country called Vietnam until 1975.

How did he Vietnam win the war?

There was no Vietnam during the Viet War. That's what 50% of the war was about (the other 50% was communism). There were TWO countries, a North Vietnam and a South Vietnam. The North conquered the South in 1975. The North was persistent.

Was it actually a war Vietnam war?

Dictionary:War- Armed conflict between two or more nations. Vietnam War: United States vs North Vietnam. It computes.

Laos and cambodia were drawn into the vietnam war?

Laos and Cambodia were both drawn into the Vietnam War because of atrocities the people of these two countries suffered under the hands of North Vietnam. South Vietnam and other countries were trying to keep the North Vietnamese army from spreading Communism in these countries.

What two countries was involved in Vietnam war?

North Vietnam and South Vietnam. Also, to name just a few: the USA, China, Russia, South Korea, Australia, France, and England. A great many countries fought in the Vietnam War from 1945 to 1975.

What two neutral countries did Nixon bomb during the Vietnam war?

Laos and Cambodia.

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