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Who were two of the leading delegates to the Constitutional Convention?

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All the delegates to the Constitutional Convention were influencial men known throught the nation and the state they represented. Most had spent their adult years studying political philosophy. They were intrumental in creating state constitutions. Perhaps the most conservative of the delegates was Alexander Hamilton. He did not trust the people with too much democracy and he favored a strong national government at the expense of state governments. George Mason was perhaps the most liberal and he did not sign the finished document because he felt it was not democratic enough. James Madison, the Father of the Constitution, took notes about the proceedings and represented the large state's interests at the convention. George Washington was respected by all delegates and was selected to chair the proceedings. This site will have a listing of the delegates by state. MrV

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Who were the two leading delegates at the constitutional convention?

There were several important men in attendance. Ben Franklin was there and so was Adams and Madison.

Who were the two leading delegates at the constitutional convection?

The two leading delegates at the constitutional convection must have been Sherman and Robert Morris. They are the ones who underwrote the three nation’s basic documents.

Did the constitutional convention include delegates from all 13 states?

no only 11. two state delagets didnt show up.

Which two intellectuals didnt attend the constitutional convention?

Thomas Jefferson and Patrick Henry. Also, Rhode Islands delegates did not attend.

What happened at the constitutional conventional convention?

Two things happened: 1. The Articles of the Confederation were abolished 2. The delegates drafted the Constitution we have today

What are two of the major issues that divided the Constitutional Convention on which the delegates had to compromise?

The delegates had to decide whether individual states or the federation should be more important. They also differed on the distribution of federal powers.

What did Abraham Baldwin and William Few do at the Constitutional Convention of 1787?

In 1787, the Constitutional Convention that created the U.S. Constitution mat at independence hall in Philadelphia. Georgia sent four delegates to the Convention two of whom- Abraham Baldwin and William Fe w-signed the final document

What two delegates to the Constitutional Convention later became president?

George Washington and James Madison became president after being in the Convention, George Washington being the 1st and James Madison being the 4th.

Three major disagreements at the Constitutional Convention?

two factions in the Constitutional convention national legislature disagreement

What two states did not sign the Constitution at the end of the Constitutional Convention?

With the exception of Rhode Island, which refused to send delegates to the Convention, at least one delegate from each of the remaining twelve states signed the Constitution at the close of the Constitutional Convention. Although William Blount, of North Carolina, was absent for most of the Convention, he signed the document to make "the unanimous act of the states in convention."

What role did Alexander Hamilton play in the Constitutional Convention?

Hamilton drafted the resolution that led to the assembling of the Constitutional Convention in Philadelphia in 1787. At the convention Hamilton was unable to play a significant role. His desire for a strongly centralized federal government, including a president for life, was not shared by the other convention delegates, and his two fellow delegates from New York were Anti-Federalists who were able to outvote him on every measure. Hamilton then turned his energies to securing the ratification of the Constitution.

What are two of major issues that divided the constitutional convention on which the delegates had to compromise?

This is clearly a homework question. You need to open your history book. Look at the heading there is one that addresses the question.

Name two conferences held in the years following the revolutionary war which might be said to be steps leading to the constitutional convention?

federal and self-governing

Who presided over the US Constitutional Convention in 1787?

The fifty-five delegates elected George Washington to preside over the Convention.George Washington, who two years later (1789) became the first US President under that Constitution.

How did the delegates at the constitutional convention compromise o the issue of representation in congress?

Each state was given two senators, but the larger states received more representatives in the House, as they were apportioned by population.

Who were two important delegates to the Convention?

Benjamin Franklin and James Madison

What two issues that faced the delegates to the convention?

i dont know it at all

Two convention delegates may be chosen by?

party leaders, and the people.

What was the main issue the constitutional convention?

Slavery and Trade are two main topicsdiscussed at the Constitutional Convention, and also to make the Articles of Confederation stronger.

How many votes did each state have during the constitutional convention?

One vote, no matter the delegates. If a state was divided, its vote didn't count. If there weren't two or more delegates in attendance, the remaining delegate's state didn't have a vote (the only example of this was New York).

What fraction of the delegates to the constitional convention of 1787 later become president?

There were fifty-five delegates to the 1787 constitutional convention, two of which later went on to become president, (George Washington, James Madison). Therefore the fraction is 2/55 or percentage is 3.6%. bib source - http:/

Who were the signers of the Illinois Constitution?

The first Constitution of the State of Illinois was adopted on August 26, 1818 by vote of the members of a constitutional convention. No one signed the Constitution. The members of the convention included two or three delegates (depending on size) elected from each county in Illinois.

Which two founding fathers did not attend the Constitutional Convention?

Actually, there are quite a number of men who could be considered founding fathers who were not delegates to the convention. You are probably thinking though, of John Adams and Thomas Jefferson who were serving as as U.S. ministers to England and France respectively at the time.

The conflict over representation in congress was addressed at the constitutional convention of 1787 by?

The creation of a two-house legislature addressed the conflict over representation in Congress. The Constitutional Convention is also referred to as Philadelphia Convention.

What did Roger Sherman propose at the Constitutional Convention?

A two-house legislature.