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Who wrote the first amendment?

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The 1st amendment was written by Thomas Jefferson.

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Who wrote the 12th amendment?

Thomas Jefferson wrote the 12th Amendment

Who wrote the 1st amendment?

James Madison writed wrote the 88th 1st amendment James Madison writed wrote the 88th 1st amendment

Who wrote the First Amendment to the US Constitution?

Author of the First AmendmentNo single person wrote the amendment. The Bill of Rights was developed by the first congress in 1789.However, James Madison can be credited with writing this and much of what we see in our first ten amendments to the Constitution.Be sure to read "TheFirst Liberty" by Henry Lee Miller. Phenomenal reading.

Who wrote the first version of the equal rights amendment in 1923?

Alice Paul

Who wrote the eighth amendment?

James Madison wrote the 8th amendment along with the rest of the Bill of Rights.

Who wrote the 13th 14th and 15th amendment?

Abraham Lincoln wrote the 13th, 14th, and 15th amendment

Who wrote the fifteenth amendment?

George Washington Julian wrote the fifteenth amendment of the United States of America. In his amendment, he gave voting rights even to African Americans.

Who wrote the second amendment?

James Madison wrote the actual amendment in response to states concern over a federal military coup. He also wrote the Federalist Papers.

What amendment was wrote for the whiskey rebellion?

The 18th amendment caused the Whiskey Rebellion. It was later repealed by the 21st amendment.

Who wrote the 27th Amendment?

james madison

Who wrote the fourth amendment?

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Who wrote the 21st amendment?

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Who wrote the thirteenth amendment'?

george washington

Which amendment was passed first?

The first amendment

Did Thomas Jefferson write the Second Amendment?

Yes Thomas Jefferson wrote the Second Amendment

Which Amendment did the Twenty-first Amendment repeal in 1933?

The twenty-first amendment repeals the eighteenth amendment.

Who wrote the fourteenth amendment?

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Who was the person who wrote the fifth amendment?

Thomas Jefferson

What year was the third amendment wrote?

The first 10 were all written at the same time as a body of amedments and were approved as a whole in 1791.

Who wrote the 26th amendment?

The 26th Amendment to the US Constitution was written by Jennings Randolph. The ratification date of the amendment was July 1, 1971.

Who wrote the 19th amendment?

the person who wrote it i dont know because no one told me yet

When was the first amendment created?

The First Amendment was created in 1766.

Who was against the first amendment?

who didn't want the first amendment

What guarantees American citizens the right to free speech?

The first amendment gives the freedom of speech and press. The men who wrote the constitution knew that these rights were needed to maintain a free society.

Who wrote the Bill of Rights pick the first amendment?

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