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Why and how did the bubonic plague begin?

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== == * Plague is primarily a disease of rodents. Infection most often occurs when a person is bitten by a rat or flea that has fed on an infected rodent. The bacteria multiply inside the flea, sticking together to form a plug that blocks its stomach and causes it to begin to starve. The flea then voraciously bite a host and continues to feed, even though it is unable to satisfy its hunger. During the feeding process, blood cannot flow into the blocked stomach, and consequently the flea vomits blood tainted with the bacteria back into the bite wound. The Bubonic Plague bacterium then infects a new host, and the flea eventually dies from starvation. Any serious outbreak of plague is usually started by other disease outbreaks in rodents, or some other crash in the rodent population. During these outbreaks, infected fleas that have lost their normal hosts seek other sources of blood. * The Pope (Gregory IX) effectively outlawed cats with a papal bulletin Vox in Rama (1232). Cats had been killing the rats, which hosted diseased fleas, which in turn over populated. Only the aristocracy kept their cats through this ban as many more vulnerable cats and citizens where burned at the stake as witches.

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Where did the bubonic plaque begin?

The Bubonic plague started in approximately 1330 in Southern China.

What happens when you get the bubonic plague?

your fairy wings begin to sprout

Who can get the bubonic plague?

Anybody can catch the bubonic plague

How can you prevent bubonic plague?

To be cured from the bubonic plague you can use antibiodics. In the previous bubonic plagues when it was a plague there was no cure.

Is there a cure for the Bubonic plague?

no there is not. scientist are trying to find a cure for the Bubonic plague but with your help we can fight the Bubonic plague.

Can you prevent Bubonic Plague?

To be cured from the Bubonic Plague you can use antibiodics. In the previous bubonic plagues when it was a plague there was no cure.

When did the Bubonic Plague end?

The bubonic plague ended in 2012

How was the bubonic plague cured?

The bubonic plague was cured with antibiotics.

How does the bubonic plague affect muscles?

The Pneumonic plague, (internal bubonic plague,) constricted your throat muscles.

Where can you find pictures of the bubonic plague? then type pictures of the bubonic plague

What was the plague in 1593?

The Bubonic Plague

How can the bubonic plague be treated?

There is a vacine that can cure the Bubonic plague that we have developed today. It can treat the plague and prevent it as well.

Why is the bubonic plague called bubonic?

The Bubonic plague is called bubonic because it comes from the Greek word boubōn, meaning swelling. Since the swelling of the lymph nodes is the most common symptom of the bubonic plague, this is the term used.

Is there a cure for Bubonic Plague?

Modern medicine can effectively cure bubonic plague yes.

Where did the bubonic plague occur?

the bubonic plague occurred in Europe about 400 years ago

The common name for the bubonic plague?

Another name for the bubonic plague is the Black Death.

Who was blamed for starting the bubonic plague?

The Bubonic Plague was said to be started from the infestation of Rats

What episode did tony almost die from bubonic plague?

SWAK, and its Pneumonic Plague, not Bubonic.

What is the medical name of the Bubonic Plague?

Bubonic Plague is caused by the bacterium, Yersinia pestis.

Where did the bubonic plague spread to from china?

From China, the Bubonic Plague spread to Sicily, Italy.

How can you use the word bubonic plague in a sentence?

The Bubonic Plague killed millions of people.

Where did the bubonic plague begin?

China was the first place to be hit in the world but in Europe it was Messina in Italy.

Where did the bubonic plague begin and how did it spread?

rats caried fleas and the fleas would make you sick

Is bubonic plague communicable?

Very much so. Bubonic plague (or "black plague") is normally transferred by flea bites.

What is the real name of the plague?

The Bubonic Plague.

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