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Why are police cars painted black and white?

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This goes back in history, as many were painted this way to be conspicuous to the public. Easy to recognize, and public awareness.
It's a long standing tradition. People like it.

Depends on where you are: there are no black and white police cars in Australia. Most are white with blue markings (blue and white checks are associated with police in this country) while highway patrol cars are often unmarked and in whatever colours come from the manufacturer. Some patrol cars are factory colour plus dayglow strips (presumably for visibility) with another strip in blue/white checks. This varies from state to state, too.

AnswerBlack and white police cars usually have the doors white, and front and rear clips black. that way they will be more visible when the vehicle is parked at a right angle to the freeway. and so the vehicle can be less visible when parked parallel to a road. you may notice that when a black and white police vehicle willl pull someone over, they will park the police car at a angle slightly to the left of the road to make the white doors more visible.
2018-04-16 08:37:32
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Q: Why are police cars painted black and white?
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