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Why are the left side low beams dim and there are no high beams at all on your 1998 Celica?

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the dim light has a bad ground. it is using the high beems of both lights as the ground. this leads to a voltage drop of about 7 volts on the dim light. then the high beem grounds through the driving lights of a lesser wattage and this leaves a voltage drop of only 3 volts at light so the light seems not to be on but it is , just very very dim. ck your ground going to the dim light!

2006-02-11 23:23:23
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How do you turn on the high beams on a 1973 corvette?

There is a foot switch on the driver's floor by your left foot.

Why was I stopped for using my high beams at night?

High beams should only be used in extreme darkness and only when there is no other vehicle in your opposing lane. The reason behind this is because high beams can be blinding in the opposing lane and can and have lead to very serious accidents.Answer If your high beams were left of as on-coming traffic was approaching it would be blinding to the other driver. If you have your high beams on while in back of another car, it could also be blinding to the driver your following through side and rear view mirrors. Either way it is dangerous. If your high beams were left on constantly through - lets say a city - where lighting is good, the police officer may have determined that it was suspicious, and was checking to see if you were on alcohol or drugs.

How do you cut the high beams on in a 2000 Buick Century?

On your switch lanes signal stick, on the left side of the wheel,you pull it towards you and the beams will come on. Pull them again and they will shut off.

How do you turn on the high beam on a Saab 95?

How do you turn on the high beams. I see it is in the left blinker place but it wont stay on I have to hold it

How do you turn your high beams on in 1999 volkeswagon passat?

Flip the left lever beside the steering wheel towards the hood

How do you turn the hi beams on a 94 Baretta?

Turn the lights on by rotating the large knob on the left top of the dashboard. To engage high beams, simply pull back on the turn signal lever. Do disengage do the same.

1990 Toyota celica your left headlight only works in high beam changed the bulb didnt solve the problem help?

its a damaged wire

When you turn the high beams on your 93 Cabriolet the left highbeam and fog light do not come on There is no power to either light but on low beam the headlights work?

There is one fuse for the left highbeam and one for the right. The left fuse was loose.

What are all possible causes of the headlights of a 1985 928 Porsche crossing high and low beams. Right high and left low and visa versa.?

A body repair shop, crossed wires...

How do you turn on high beams in a 91 dodge dynasty?

Not familiar with those vehicles but if you turn signal doesnt put twords you or away from you and locks in for high beam which is for most vehicles then check the floor some of the old models have a small round button on the left side of the pedals press that for high beams if not then there is a switch for it inside of the vehicle. Trust points are greatly appreciated.

Can you change the fuse for the headlights on a 1997 VW Jetta without an owners manual?

yes, of course. there are 4 fuses, one each for low beams and one each for high beams. the fuse box is under the dash, inside the cabin, all the way over by the lefthand (driver's side in usa) door. the fuses are in a single row and are numbered, from 1, from left to right. fuse 1 is left low beam, fuse 2 is right low beam, fuse 11 is left high beam, fuse 12 is right high beam.

What direction do you put the beams in club penguin mission 9?

left side

Where is vsv located on 1992 Toyota Celica?

The vsv is located left top of the fire wall.

Toyota corolla 1996 low beam on left side out high beams work on both?

When bulbs on a Toyota Corolla are working but one is not, it is usually a burnt out bulb. You can change this yourself.

How do you turn the driving lights on for a 1999 Jeep Grand Cherokee?

I have a 99 Grand Cherokee and the driving lights are turned on by pulling on the button located at the top of the head light switch on the left side of the column, Note that the driving lights will only work with the low beams and will turn off when you switch to high beams. If you search the net you can find a way to have the driving lights and high beams on at the same time, this usually involves modifying a relay under the hood.

Your 1988 Volvo headlight is out does that effect the highbeam on both the left and right lights?

When one of the low beam burnt out you still have high beams on both sides although it isn't receommended you drive with the high beams on because you run the risk of everyone calling you names since your blinding them . NO it doesnt effect anything, just replace the bulb the run about 12 bucks

How do you adjust valve clearance on 1 Toyota Celica?

They are on the inside of the hood. Mine was on the left hand side.

How do you beat level six on Wallace's Workshop?

Just put the 2 L beams on like it tells you to and put the smaller cog onto the left side of the L Beams

How do you keep your headlights and fog lights on at the same time on a 2000 Buick Regal LSE?

There is a switch especially for the foglights under the dash towards the driver's side door left of the steering wheel. The foglights will come on only if the low beams or the park lights are on. When you change from low beams to high beams the foglights will go off. Also when you turn the car off the fog lights go off too.

Low beams not working on Ford Focus SE 2000. High beams are OK. Bulbs and fuses for the left and the right low beam are OK. Low beam relay is OK but no power on the supply circuit of the LB relay?

It sounds like your interior switch, it's faulty

Where is the wiper fluid tank located on an 88 celica gt?

Im thinking and the bottom left hand side of the engine bay. (Facing Car) I have a 1988 Celica ST, dont know if it differs from GT.

94 beretta and the low beams work fine but your high beams dont work at all you replaced a plastic part inside the steering wheel but it didnt work what could it be?

Which plastic part inside the steering wheel did you replace? The turn signal switch? High/Low beams are controlled by a small switch mounted to the left side of the steering column. You may need to adjust it properly, so that the metal rod comes in contact with the switch, and pushes it far enough to engage (but not too far to bottom out).

Whats the top speed of a 1991 Toyota Celica gt?

I own a 1991 gts with a cold and and high performance plugs and wires. with just me in the car i did 145 then i thought i saw a cop and had to brake, i had about 300 rpms left

How do you turn on the high beams in your Subaru Forester?

The high beam switch is activated by the turn signal lever on the left side of the steering wheel column. There are basically three settings - On, Off, and Flash. On is when the lever is pushed away from you, Off is with the lever in its normal position, and Flash is with the lever pulled towards you. To "flash" the high beams, pull the turn signal lever towards you. The high beams will come on for as long as you pull the lever towards you. Releasing the lever will return it to its normal position and the high beams will go off. This will work regardless of whether you have the headlights turned on or off. Among other things, flashing is good for giving someone right of way, for letting someone enter a highway, or to let another driver know that they are blinding you with their high beams! Pushing the turn signal lever away from you will cause the high beams to come on (only if the headlights are turned on at the time) and stay on until you pull the lever towards you again. When you push the lever away from you it will stay in that position until you pull it back to the middle position again. This setting is good for driving on unlit streets. When the high beam switch is activated (On or Flash) you should see a blue light on the dashboard that looks like a little headlamp.

1992 Saturn SC Hi beams work on both headlights Lo beams only work on drivers side. Changed right with left and left with right but right lo beam still not working.?

right side low beam is burned out