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The threaded holes are the air reactor [AIR] fitting, an exhaust gas recirculation [ERG] fitting or choke stove. Check out

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Q: Why are there 2 threaded holes on the exhaust manifold of a 1995 Chevy Caprice Classic 5.7 liter but only 1 hole on the pipes that bolt onto it?
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Where is the upstream O2 sensor on a 1997 Dodge Grand Caravan 3.0L 6 cylinder?

It is threaded into the rear exhaust manifold.It is threaded into the rear exhaust manifold.

Where is oxygen sensor on a 93 geo storm?

It's threaded into the front of your exhaust manifold.

Where is the oxygen sensor on a 1994 chevy cavelier with a 2.2 liter engine?

It is threaded into the exhaust manifold.

1998 roadking classic EFI screaming eagle pipes exhaust pop on decell how do you fix?

It sounds like you either have a leak at the exhaust manifold or the intake manifold. Most likely is the exhaust.

Where is bank1 sensor 1 on a Chevrolet s10 4.3 6 cylinder?

The first sensor directly behind the drivers side exhaust manifold, it is threaded into the exhaust y-pipe.

What is the purpose of an exhaust manifold?

The purpose of the exhaust manifold is to connect the exhaust ports on the cylinder head to the exhaust pipe.

Where is a exhaust manifold ona 2002 Malibu?

exhaust manifold is where exhaust pipe hooks to engine!

How do you install an exhaust manifold on a Renault?

The exhaust manifold needs to have a gasket in place to help seal the juncture between the manifold and the engine. After the gasket and gasket sealer are in place, tighten the bolts for the exhaust manifold. The exhaust pipe can then be replaced on the new exhaust manifold.

Where is the oxygen sensor on 2004 dodge neon?

oxygen sensors are located in the exhaust, start at the. exhaust manifold and look down. the funny little thing threaded into the pipe with a wire or three will be the sensor your looking for.

Where is the bank 1 02 sensor 2003 chev s10 4.3 vortec?

Bank 1 sensor 1 would be threaded into the exhaust pipe directly after the exhaust manifold on the drivers side of the engine.

Where is the oxygen sensor in a 94 caravan?

In the exhaust manifold behind the engine.In the exhaust manifold behind the engine.

1995 Chevy caprice lt1 sounds like an exhaust leak at 40 to 50 mph but goes away after a few minutes of driving what could it be?

Maybe : a crack in exhaust manifold that closes when hot.

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