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Q: Why are yellow flames dirty?
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What properties do yellow flames have?

There are different reasons for flames being yellow and the properties depend on the reason.

Is yellow flames are ideal for heating?


Why not heat a beaker with a yellow flame?

because yellow flames dont burn effectively and leave carbon so burning with yellow flames leaves soot on the glassware

Why do you use a blue flame to cook your food?

Blue flames are considerably hotter than yellow flames.

What causes flames to appear in different colors?

Its comes from the dirty of the flame if its red its the dirty the blue is pure so that's it

What makes blue flames and yellow flames?

Flames change colour according to what is being burnt and whether it is complete or incomplete combustion. Blue flames usually come about due to gas being burnt as that is complete combustion so all of the gas is burnt with no bi-products. Yellow flames however, the ones that usually come about due to wood being burnt come about because of the soot (carbon) produced when it is burnt. The soot burning is what produces the yellow flames. Flames can be all sorts of colours though, for instance, if you burn copper oxide then the flame will be green.

Why is a yellow flame called a dirty flame?

Because the bottom part of the flame is normally blue, and as it rises throughout the flame it changes its color to yellow. They call this the dirty flame because the original color is blue, and has become 'dirty' and changed to yellow.

What are the two kinds of flames produced by Bunsen burner?

The two types of flames a Bunsen burner can produce are a luminous, yellow flame and a "roaring" blue flame. The blue flame is much hotter than the yellow flame.

Why are your teeth yellow?

Because theyr'e dirty

What dragon egg in dragon vale is yellow with red flames?

Scorch Dragon

What dragon egg in DragonVale is yellow with red flames?

Fire fly dragon

What does a blue flame mean in a gas fireplace?

Blue flames can be an indicator of temperature, because blue flames burn hotter than yellow flames, or it could be a chemical that burns blue. Something else that could create blue flames in a gas fireplace is if the air-to-gas mixture ratio is off, more air means bluer flames.

Why is the Bunsen burner with a blue flame dangerous?

A bunsen burner with any flame is dangerous, because fire is hot! But, blue flames are hotter than yellow flames.

Why is the safety flame yellow?

its highly visible and cooler than other coloured flames

Why does some wood burn with blue flame?

The hotter the flame, the less color (and light) given off. Bright, yellow flames are the result of carbon that has not been burned, where blue flames indicate a near total burning of the fuel. Other chemicals present in the wood can color flames- sometimes added for the appearance- red, yellow, blue, green.

How hot is the yellow flame?

The yellow flame gets to be 1800* F. Flames stay yellow because of bits of soot that do not burn hot enough to make it hotter or turn blue.

What are unique features of the sun?

its really hot over 3000 degrees Celsius. there are flames. its yellow.

What are the bad Bunsen burner flames?

The yellow flame, containing unburned carbon, is considered as bad.

What do you do after beating the dirty bubble in Spongebob the yellow avenger?


Are yellow flames hotter than orange flames?

yes, they are. here are the flame colors in order from hottest to coolest. white - hottest blue - hotter yellow - hot orange - cooler than yellow red - cooler than all of above

Properties of luminous and non-luminous flames?

luminous flames have a bluish to violet color and it means that the system is given enough oxygen for the reaction. Luminous flames will not produce soot. non luminous flames are orange, red, and yellow much like your everyday campfire but this system is not given enough oxygen therefore produce soot.

Why are red vans so popular and yellow vans are not?

Red is more of a classic color, unlike yellow. Also, lighter colors (such as yellow) dirty faster.

Why are your propane grills flames yellow and causing soot buildup even though the air vents are open and cleared The side stove burner works fine and the regulator is new from a separate problem?

The propane grills flames yellow and cause soot buildup due to a excessive dirtying of the vents.

Why did the Calgary Flames do the C with flames for their logo?

Because C for Calgary and flames for flames

What is a yellow striped skunk?

All I can say is it probably had really dirty fur.

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