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Why are you not supposed to use liquid acid in an above ground pool?

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Is liquid soap an acid or base?

The liquid soap has a pH above 7 (alkaline).

What are you supposed to do if you have acid reflux?

take some indegestion liquid...or drink some milk

Why is liquid soap an acid?

The liquid soap is prepared with potassium hydroxide; the pH is above 7 (alkaline).

What is the pH of a neutral liquid?

Seven. Anything below seven is an acid, and anything above is a base.

How to convert dry acid to liquid acid measurement?

convert 250g dry acid to liquid acid

Is acid a gas or liquid?

Acid is a liquid but it can be turned into a gas.

Can too much muriatic acid hurt your sand filter for above ground pools?

NO You would need an awful lot of acid to do any harm there.

What unknown liquid has a sour taste?

This liquid may be an acid.

What is in liquid pool acid?

liquid pool acid is Muriatic acid or more commonly know as Hydrochloric acid (HCl)

Is fairy liquid an acid or an alkali?

Fairy Liquid contains acid this is because acid helps remove the food stains.

Can you add muriatic acid to above ground poools?

yes in small doses over time it says how on the bottle

Is concentrated sulfuric acid a liquid?

Yes, concentrated sulfuric acid is a liquid.

What is sulfuric acid a soild a liquid or a gas?

Sulferic Acid is a liquid at room temperature.

What does an acid do to a liquid?

It burns the other liquid

Is battery acid an acid?

If by "battery acid" you mean the liquid in a lead acid battery (typical car or vehicle battery) then, yes. This liquid is sulfuric acid and is very corrosive.

Does Venus have acid rain?

Yes, although it is different from acid rain on Earth. Earth's acid rain is water with small amounts of sulfuric and nitric acid. On Venus the rain is almost entirely sulfuric acid, with no liquid water. However, this rain evaporates before it reaches the ground.

What is the result of a liquid with pH 3 and a liquid with pH7?

Are you sure the liquid of pH 3 is actually not an aqueous solution? The pH7 is probably water, which doesn't matter in the equilibrium equation. So I would say pH3 assuming the liquid was supposed to be an aqueous solution of a decently strong acid.

What temperature is acid a liquid?

That depends on the acid. There are many different types that can be solid, liquid or gaseous .

Does fairy liquid contain acid?

Fairy Liquid contains acid this is because acid helps remove the food stains

Is half of Venus frozen with ice and snow?

No because it has such a strong atmosphere so liquid acid rains and evaporates before it hits the ground.

What chemicals do you have to purchase for a new 33x53 above ground swimming pool?

Chlorine: either in the form of tablets(99%) or liquid (12.5%). OR Bromine but you still should use some liquid chlorine even with this. Muriatic Acid, CYA = cyanuric acid/conditioner Other items you may need or have to use depending upon how you maintain your pool: Soda ash, algaecide, tile cleaning soap, water clearifier. etc., etc.

Is citric acid found in the form of a solid liquid or a gas?

citric acid is usually found in liquid form

What are examples of liquid dissolved in liquid?

Examples: nitric acid in water, sulfuric acid in water, ethanol in water.

Is lead an acid or base?

how am i supposed to know

What liquid is like stomach acid?

Hydrochloric acid (HCl)

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