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Why can't I send text messages from my Verizon cell phone to a sprint cell phone?

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It could be the Sprint customer has shut off the ability to receive text messages.

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No! Verizon has service almost everywhere and my friend cant get it at their house. They have to stick their phone out the window just to get a text message.

You cant check your Verizon text messages..

ok... this guy apparently dont know his phones.... people, if you dont have the phone yourself, and have attempted to actaully do aything with it, dont answer the questions, YES you CAN turn a verizon phone into a sprint phone... all you need to do is get verizon to unlock the phone, or pull out your simcard, restore the phone to factory settings, then buy a sprint Simcard pre-paid sprint card and activate the phone.... its that simple, and I personally have done it, therefore I know it works personally.... good luck, and remember to fact check the answers you get, before blindly accepting some one telling you "No, you cant"

Yes the LG Marquee is available as a prepaid phone. Check out your local cell phone store. If you cant find one, I suggest with starting by calling Verizon or Sprint

N you cant use a t mobile phone with Verizon because it the t mobile phone has a sim card and the Verizon doesn't take sim cards.No you cant use a t mobile phone with Verizon because it the t mobile phone has a sim card and the Verizon doesn't take sim cards.This is not true Verizon does have sim cards look it up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Verizon wireless users can use myxer to get ringtones i use myxer to get stuff for my phone (i have a phone from Verizon wireless).

nope. att phones cant be flashed to cricket. sprint and Verizon phones can.

it cant be prepaid. i called Verizon to try and make it prepaid but its to smart to be prepaid.

my cellphone was backbery, but now ihave a verizon phone, and my plan is cricket. and now the verizon enternet is not work i cant understand why.

no u cant because the phone is made for verision only

If it is a company phone you cant. If ti is a prepaid phone you have to call is it is a phone plan phone ex:at&t,verizon go to the store an dask to see your records

You cant do it yourself you have to go pay some one to do it!

no because an iPad isn't a phone so it cant use text messages like a phone can

Its a setting in your phone... I'm unsure of the type of phone you have so I cant tell you how to fix it. Its more than likely in your message settings or phone setting.

You cant im sorry but you just cant tried everything but it didnt work

unfortunetly, you cant. i just tried and it said i have to have backup assistant on my old phone. i didnt, and i deleted ALL my contacts :(

i cant send picture messages to a virgin mobile phone from mu cricket wireless phone

yes, it don't have to be unlocked. Im using my rouge phone with straight talk. Verizon towers. the only thing is I cant get on the internet. :(

you cant. I called HTC about it. I returned my phone my droid incredible 4g. If you got it from verizon you can return it within 30 days.

you cant i got the same problem but i think u might be able to call Verizon wireless and tell them to

i have a phone given to me and i was a cut verizon account, i am looking for sim card insertion, i cant look for it..

no we cant use at&t...blackberry 9330 is a CDMA phone..ur stucked up

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