Why can't you find any information on the Winchester 94 Ranger in 44 magnum on Winchester's site?

In early 2006, Winchester revealed that the Winchester 94 production line would be discontinued on 31 March 2006. Already-produced Model 94s will continue to be sold, but they will be sold by the US Repeating Arms subsidiary in Belgium. No new Model 94s will be produced after 31 March. (For that matter, the Winchester factory itself is being closed down, and the Winchester name is to be sold to US Repeating Arms, with further production of "Winchester" rifles being carried out in Belgium, Portugal, and Japan.) Source - http://www.pmulcahy.com/lever-action_rifles/us_lever-action_rifles.htm Some info here - http://matrix.dumpshock.com/raygun/firearms/sport/win_94.html *** NOT QUITE RIGHT *** It is correct that the US Repeating Arms Co facility in New Haven, CT has closed. USRAC has no subsidiaries. It was, itself, a subsidiary of the Belgian corporation that also owns FN and Browning. That company has announced that the models built at the New Haven facility will NOT be resumed in their other facilities. In fact, all the technical drawings, etc, are being sold with a competitive process in place for qualified prospective buyers. The 'WINCHESTER' name has been owned by the Olin Corporation for many years and USRAC was using that name on the Model 94, Model 70 and Model 1300 firearms under license from Olin. The winning buyer of the USRAC assets will be given the opportunity to license the Winchester name from Olin, no doubt at an additional fee. It is very possible that we may see Model 94 rifles, Model 70 rifles and Model 1300 shotguns under a completely different brand name when and if production resumes. Source for this is the various published press releases from USRAC. Visit www.winchesterforsale.com if you believe you can become a qualified buyer.