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Farming was a big part of the 13 colonies.The fact that they[southern colonies] could grow so much more than them[new England colonies] made them grow soically apart.

Wich now the Southern colonie and the New England colonies are niow separated.


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the southern colonies needed slaves for their large plantations where in the new England colonies the colonists there protested that slavery was unfair.

The Middle colonies are in between the Southern and New England colonies. The middle colonies are just farther south.

In the southern Colonies there was no westward movement because of the appalacian mountains. In the New England Colonies they were close to the ocean and were a trade region. The Middle Colonies were known as the "bread basket colonies". There were also no big mountains and some hills.

in a nutshell, the new England colonies hwere cold, and the economy was more based on shops. they were more crowded and had a bigger pop. the southern colonies were based on farming and were mostly warm

New England Colonies- Industrial:Shipbuilding fishing and lumber Middle Colonies- Industrial/Agricultural:Furs, Fishing, Whaling Southern Colonies- Agricultural: Cotton, Rice, Indigo, Tobacco

The Southern Colonies were established as economic ventures and were In contrast, the early New England colonists were primarily religious reformers and separatists.

Southern Colonies had more land so they produced more crop and they were a more rural area, and the New England colonies had more manufacturing buildings and they were a more urban area. Plus the southern colonies had slavery whiles the New England colonies did not.The middle colonies also produced and had slaves but barely as many as the southern colonies.

southern colonies: fertile soil, warm and humid weather, almost no industry, short winters middle colonies:mix of new England and southern colonies New England colonies: rocky and thin soil, long winters, relied on industry and shipbuilding and trade

The New England Middle and Southern colonies had a lot of similarities and differences. For one, the colonies had strong English and French influences. They, however, were different in landscapes, as well as topographic and demographic features.

The New England colonies were predominantly dissenters and the southern colonies were predominantly Church of England.

Whereas religion was the basis of life and government in the Northern colonies, the lack of religion in the Southern colonies provided the basis for agriculture.

New England Colonies, Middle Colonies, and Southern Colonies

the new england colonies were very wet and not orange

The Southern Colonies received ships and manufactured goods from England. In trade, the Southern Colonies provided lumber, food, and livestock.

New England geography, with its hilly terrain lent itself to small, isolated, independent farms which could be worked by small families. Vast southern plantations demanded large numbers of farmhands to work the large cash crops, and others to process or refine the crops into finished goods.

New England depended on southern colonies for the supply of materials such as cotton and foodstuffs.

Rice and tobacco was shipped to England from Southern Colonies. This was discover by Great Britain.

Yes. Puritans lived in the southern colonies as well as the middle colonies and new england colonies.

Middle Colonies New England Colonies Southern Colonies

The New England colonies, the Middle colonies, and the Southern colonies.

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