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Why did Serbia enter World War 1?

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When Austria-Hungary's heir to the throne, Archduke Franz Ferdinand was assassinated by Gavrilo Princip, a member of the 'Black Hands', Austria-Hungary, who were feeling confident due to the support Germany had promised them, demanded Serbia to hand over the assassin together with the leaders of the 'Black Hands'. When Serbia failed to do so, Austria-Hungary declared war on Serbia.

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Why did Nicholas want to enter into World War 1?

To Protect Serbia and unify the Russian people

Why did tsar Nicholas II decide to enter Russia into world war 1?

To protect Serbia and unify the Russian people

World War 1 began as Austria-Hungary and declared war on?

Serbia Serbia

What caused Serbia to enter World War 1?

Austria-Hungary declared war on Serbia on 28th July 1914, because the serbian student, Gavrilo Princip, shot Archduke Franz Ferdinand.

How many men did Serbia have during World War 1?

The Kingdom of Serbia had 707,343 men fighting in World War I.

Who was the blame for World War 1?


Are Serbia to blame for World War 1?


Why did russia support serbia in world war 1?

Treaties that Russia had with Serbia

Who attacked Serbia in World War 1?

Austria-hungary attacked Serbia

Who else beside Russia allied with Serbia in World War 1?

France and Great Britain allied with Serbian during World War 1. Serbia was the first country to be attacked in World War 1.

What country pushed the world into World War 1?


Who declared war with Serbia in war world 1?


Who helped Serbia in world war 1?


What country did World War 1 start in?


Did japan win world war 1?

no but Serbia did

Were was the black hand from in World War 1?


What county did world war 1 start in?


Who declared war in World War I?

Germany was the first country to declare war on Serbia in World War 1. The other countries were pulled into the war because the had alliances with either Serbia or Germany.

Did Serbia have colonies before World War 1?

No. Serbia never occupied other nations.

What two countries started World War 1?

Austria and Serbiaaustro Hungary and Serbia

What country supported Serbia in World War 1?

The country that supported Serbia in WWI was Russia

What caused Great Britain to enter the 1st World War?

WW1 actually started as a conflict between the small country of Serbia and Austria-Hungary because Serbia supported the assasination of the Archduke or Austria-Hungary. Because Serbia was in an alliance with Britain, it had an obligation to enter the war, along with many other countries that entered on both sides of the intricate system of alliances that made up Europe and caused World War 1.

What year did austia Hungary enter world war 1?

1914. Austria Hungary was actually the country that started the war with their declaration of war on Serbia (after Serbs killed the heir to the Austrian throne).

During World War 1 when did Serbia declare war?

an act of terrorism

What country defended Serbia in World War 1?