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Why was Serbia willing to risk going to war?

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1914 i think.

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Why is Italy willing to risk going to war?

Italy was willing to risk going to war in WW1 to secure a number of territories that were deemed by her reigning regime as vital for its future. They included the Austrian Littoral and a portion of Dalmatia.

What was going on in 1999?

the war of serbia and kasvo was going on because serbia wanted more

What war was going on in in 1999?

The war between Serbia and Kosovo was going on. The war started because Serbia wanted more territory from Kosovo.

What are some short term reasons explaining why Russia was willing to risk going to World War 1?

sepa la madre

What were some long term reasons why Austria-Hungary was willing to risk war?

they were going to risk going to war because of the finger monkeys. the finger monkeys were there best friends and soooo cute that they would do anything for them. the finger monkeys were the austrians best friends. (:

Short term reasons why France was willing to risk going to war World War 1?

1 reason was they wanted to show they were still a power to be reckoned with after the humiliating defeat to the Germans for the Rhineland in 1871(?)

Would the nation have been willing to risk a civil war over the tariff issue?


Did the us know about radiation when they the dropped the bombs on japan?

The US did know about radiation when they dropped the bombs on japan it was a risk they were willing to take to save ournation from going into war with them. hope this helped you.

What was the long term reason why Great Britain was willing to risk war in 1914?

to become a world power

Long term reasons explaining why Italy was willing to risk war in ww1?

stuff and more stuff

Why was Germany willing to risk going to war in 1914?

Helmuth Moltke (Junior) and the rest of the German General Staff believed that Germany would win its 'jolly little war' easily. There was a monumentally arrogant misjudgement of all their enemies. Joncey

How could Serbia avoid the war?

There was no way Serbia could avoid Yugoslav war, because if there was Serbia would have done it...

Why did Austria declare war on Serbia?

Austria declared war on Serbia because they were afraid of the Serbs joining Serbia so they were looking for an excuse to crush Serbia.

What did Serbia get in World War I?

Serbia was in WWI because Austria-Hungary declared war on them.

Came into war in support of Serbia?

When Russia found out that Austria-Hungary was declaring war on Serbia, they came into alliance with Serbia for several reasons.

World War 1 began as Austria-Hungary and declared war on?

Serbia Serbia

What happened after Archduke Franz Ferdinand was assassinated?

World War 1 began because Germany wanted revenge on Serbia. Austria Hungary were going to help Germany. So Britain, France and Italy were going to help Serbia.

What World War 1 about?

World War 1 originally started because a rebel group in Serbia called the Black Hand assassinated Ferdinand the Arch Duke of Austria-Hungry. Austria- Hungry then said to Serbia do something to this or we are going to war. Serbia refused. Austria-Hungry had a secret alliance with Germany who secretly wanted the war, so they could gain more power. Serbia had an alliance with Russia who had an alliance with Britain and France. So when Serbia and Austria-Hungry went to war so did Germany, Russia, Britain, and France. Thus starting World War 1.

Why were the french at first reluctant to sign an alliance with the colonies?

They were not willing to risk war until they believed the Americans could win.

What date did Austria declare war on Serbia?

Austria declared war on Serbia on July 28, 1914.

Which country was first to declare war on Serbia?

The 1st country to declare war on Serbia was Austria-Hungary.

Was there a war when Bill Clinton was president?

There was no American wars going on during the Clinton administration, but there were wars going on in the world. Serbia and Kosovo for example. Clinton sent some bombs in Kosovo, but we did not enter into the war.

Why did russia support serbia in world war 1?

Treaties that Russia had with Serbia

Who attacked Serbia in World War 1?

Austria-hungary attacked Serbia

What was the importance of the assassination of Arch Duke Franz Ferdinand?

The assassin was a Serbian terrorist, and Ferdinand was an Austria-Hungarian. The Austria-Hungary government wanted Serbia to turn the assassin over to them, but Serbia refused. This led to Serbia and Austria-Hungary going to war, which caused Russia to support Serbia, and Germany to support Austria-Hungary. From there, it only expanded, leading to what we now know as "World War I".