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WW1 started because of 4 MAIN reasons and the spark.

1. Militarism: all the European countries were building their armies and fighting forces and the other countries fellt threatened.

2. Alliance System: alliances were forming (the triple alliance and the triple entente) and the continent was splitting in half.

3. Imperialism: the expansion of one's power, like Britain's power over Canada, many countries were gaining control over other countries.

4. Nationalism: all the countries were very proud of themselves and wanted power.

The Spark: In June 1914, Archduke Ferdinand of Austria-Hungary was parading through the country when a Serbian terrorist from the Blue hand shot both the arch duke and dutchess. This caused Austria-Hungary and Serbia to become at war. The alliance system brought all the other countries into WW1

hope that answers your questions. WW1 is an important time in Canada's history so i hope this helps!

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Q: Why did World War 1 start what was it all about?
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