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Why did people come to the american colonies?

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New England colonies being founded by the English from East Anglia, an area in eastern England. Though this was an area thriving with small towns that they had generally liked, they decided to flee England due to religious persecution. Hundreds of men, women and their siblings, came in search of a New World, where they could practice their beliefs freely. Many came to find a better standard of living, with self thinking people.

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Why did people come to England's American colonies?

Because they had a fight with parliament ;) = Mr. Hilarious

In the 1600 why did people migrate to the American colonies?

in 1600 people migrated to the American colonies to become wealthy along with the others just as us we apart of north America, people from other countries want to come to our country.

Did Italy colonize America?

No. Italian people did come to the early American colonies, but Italy didn’t colonize.

Why did people immigrate to the American colonies?

it could be for a number of reason for new settlers come to the American colonies. 1. To escape reliouse prosecution 2. To find gold, like the settlers of the Virginia colony. 3.

How did the british use the american colonies?

British settlers did not come to the American colonies with the intention of using the colonies, however the tactic used by mercantilism was to run trade surpluses.

Why did people come to the colonies?


Why are the American colonies call the English colonies?

== == Because the colonies were British colonies, belonging to the British king and populated by British people. The so called War of American Independence was a civil war between British people in the colonies and their king.

What did the people come to the southern colonies for?

people came to the southern colonies for wealth and practically freedom.

How many people lived in the American colonies in 1610?

350 people

Why did patriots support the american revolutions?

People who supported the American Revolution believed that the colonies had the right to self determination. They believed that the people of the colonies should be free of England.

Where did Spain's great wealth come from?

Spain's great wealth came from the gold and silver from its American colonies, and later from from the sugar and other products of its American possessions.Gold and Silver from American Colonies

Where does the American colonies tea come from?

The British East India Company. Sometimes, smugglers would sneak tea into the colonies.

Where did the people living in the British colonies come from?


Why did many Europeans want to come to the American colonies?

they didnt ! ha-ha

Why did people come to the Southern colonies?

People came to the southern colonies primarily for religious tolerance and the generous land grants.

Did colonial come after the revolutionary?

No, before. The word colonial derives from colonies. Colonies are owned or ruled by a parent country. In the case of the American colonies it was England. After the revolution they were independent, that is, they were no longer colonies.

Who settled Rhode Island in American Colonies?

The People of England did.

American colonists were unlike people in most colonies and nations becuase?

The colonists talked about tyranny because royal governors tried to American colonists were unlike people in most colonies and nations.

How many people lived in the thirteen American colonies in 1775?

About 2.5 million people

Why did the people come to the middle colonies?

because they wanted to farm

Why did people come to new england colonies?

to visit their sights

From what countries did people come to settle in the middle colonies?

From Africa.

For what reason did the people come to the colonies and about when did they begin coming?


Where did the people of the 13 original colonies come from?

Maybe from England?

Where did the people from the 13 colonies come from?

Great Britan