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Why did people participate in Crusades?


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January 30, 2012 7:15PM

People went on crusades for many different reasons including:

  • New life (peasants)
  • Save money (no taxes)
  • Money (looting)
  • To go to heaven (killing non-christians)
  • To be forgiven of my sins and crimes against the church (Fighting for Christ)
  • Court punishment (likely to die)
  • Popes speech (it was gruesome and persuasive)
  • A vision (convincing people to go)
  • The Byzantine Empire (The Byzantine emperor got weaker)
  • Treated better (went to church courts afterwards)
  • Important(religous reasons)
  • Get land (if they kill the owners)
  • Knights (enjoyed fighting)

At the time there were:

  • Eastern (Orthodox) christians
  • Western (Roman Catholic) christians
  • Muslims
  • And other non-christians