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They needed someone to blame for various things and they had a very persuasive leader.

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Q: Why did people take part in the killing of the Jews?
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Do Jews take part in war?

Jews basically did take part in the war because they were partly the main victim.And i cant believe Hitler did that stuff to the Jews. What a fkin bully >;( ALSO TWILIGHT ROCKSSSS =]

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How long did it take for Nazis to begin killing German Jews?

About seven years. Some individual Jews were killed before then, but it was not until Jews were forced into ghettos and the war had started that Jews were killed in a systematic way.

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There are about 14 million Jews in the world and a large percentage of them celebrate Hanukkah.

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piggy did not take part but,ralph took part in the killing of simon that very day.

Where did the Germans people take the Jews?

to camps

Was adolf Hitler known world wide and for what?

Yes. For killing thousands of Jews... He wanted to take over the world.

Who were the individuals most responsible for the Holocaust?

there were people in charge, there were people who did more killing than others, there were also people who were more cruel than others, but personally i feel that one cannot take away responsibility from the person who informed on their neighbour, knowing that someone else would do the killing.

In The Handmaid's Tale why doesn't Offred take part in the particution?

She disapproves. She is disgusted by the partricution, the ruthless killing is not something she wishes to take part in.

How long did it take for the earth to be made for Jews?

It wasn't made for jews. But for people. who were jews. o and 5 days. the 6th day was made for animals and people

Did Jews take part in the extermination of their own?

Please see the related question.

How many times do Jews take part in mass per day?

Mass is a part of Catholic prayer, it is not a Jewish practice. Jews hold prayers three times a day.

How long did it take for the germans to decide that they were going to kill the jews in the holocaust?

Quite a long time, the decision was made after they actually started killing.

Why did the Allies fail to take more actions to stop the Nazi killing of Jews?

Allied leaders did not want to do anything that might interfere with the war effort.

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How is the Synagogue used by the Jews or Jewish People?

A synagogue is used in lots of different ways, like Jews use it to learn about the Torah, weddings take place there and all sorts of other events. A synagogue is like a Jewish temple, they use it for praying. Synagogues are used as part of Jews' second home.

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depends are you killing people or not

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An activity or behavior in which people often take part is called a cultural trait.

What were Adolf Hitler's five steps to take out the Jews?

There were four steps that Hitler used to take out the Jews, and many other groups of people. The steps were identify, isolate, remove, and exterminate.

How many people did Hitler take from Denmark?

If you mean Jews then he onlt took 52.

In 1986 the space shuttle Challenger exploded on take off killing how many people?


Why did people let Hitler take his plan to exterminate the Jews so far?

Fear ---------------------- the question is: was the plan pushed on by the people or by Hitler? there were many requests from below to either move Jews from their towns/cities or to exteminate Jews (for various reasons), but there was never an order from Hitler to exterminate the Jews.

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