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The newly elected Gough Whitlam recognized North Vietnam and gave the order to withdraw Australian troops, in the short.

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How many australians were killed in the vietnam war?

Out of the 60,000 Australians who served in the Vietnam War, 521 were killed. The Vietnam War lasted from 1959 to 1975.

When were Australians sent to the Vietnam War?

The first Australians sent to Vietnam were 30 army instructors on May 24, 1962.

How did Australians feel about the Vietnam war?

Australians mirror the US, but on a smaller scale relative to their populations.

Did Australians fight in Vietnam?

Over 50,000 Australian Servicemen fought in the Vietnam War.

What president promises to withdraw troops from Vietnam?

President Nixon was the President who promised to withdraw troops from Vietnam. The term Vietnamization was the plan that encouraged South Vietnam to take more responsibility for the war. Nixon hoped to gradually withdraw troops in this manner, and he succeeded and is credited with ending the Vietnam War.

How many Victoria Crosses were awarded in the Vietnam War?

Four Australians received the VC during the Vietnam War.

Who did you fight during the Vietnam war?

I was not involved in the Vietnam war. That was between the American (and Australians and south Vietnamese) and the Vietcong.

What groups were against the Vietnam War in Australia?

A wide variety of Australians were against Australia's involvement in the Vietnam war, especially young Australians, who were being conscripted to help The USA bolster an unpopular government in Vietnam for strategic reasons.

What was the Vietnam war to the Australians?

a fair to kill non white people

Why did australians believe the vietnamese war had nothing to do with Australia?

Like America, there were Australians whole believed that the Vietnam War needed to be fought, and there were those that believed it shouldn't be.

What was the medias influence on Australians in the Vietnam war?

They probably fuelled the protesters, as they did in the US.

Who did the Australians fight in the Vietnam war?

All of the allies fought the NVA and VC.

When did Australia withdraw from the Vietnam war?

the last of the troops were withdrawn in June 1973

What happened in Vietnam war Australia?

Over 50,000 Australian Servicemen fought in the Vietnam War, approximately 19,000 of them were draftees. Approximately 600 Australians were killed during the war.

Why did Australians get involved in the Vietnam War?

They were a part of the ANZUS Pact which called for mutual support.

Australian service personnel in the Vietnam war?

6,000 Australians in country at once, was their average.

What part did Australia play in the Vietnam War?

Between 1962 and 1972 about 50,000 Australians served in the Vietnam War. This included men from the Army, Navy and Airforce.

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