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Why did the Canadians join World War 1?


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Out of loyalty to the UK.


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they did not help they were the audience

UK got attacked by Russians and the Canadians were a part of the UK

They gave Canadians weapons to win the World War I

Useless Just like in WW2, America did not join till the end. Brits/French/Canadians did all the work in WW1

In World War 1, about 58,000 to 67,000 people were killed. In World War 2, about 45,400 people were killed.

Canada had many different ethnic groups and each one of their response to war varied English canadians had great enthusiasm French canadians didn't want to join war and had low enthusiasm Native canadians had tremendous enthusiasm but were mocked at the beginning of the war and the government refused to let them join the war, but later allowed them and many able-bodied natives men joined the war Black canadians weren't allowed to join war first, but the government changed policies and many were allowed later on but many did volunteer even though they mostly did labour work in the war rather than any fighting Japanese canadians were rejected first but then were let and they showed decent support because they wanted to show their loyalty to Canada

it gave canadians a sence of nationalism

Canada played a major role in WW1

Canada was still a British territory at the time. Thus, when Britain went to war, the Canadians went to work as British citizens.

Russia joined world war 1 in 1914

Lloyd may wood staley join world war 1 in 1914

They joined the war in 1917.

i belive it was 60,000 Canadians

Yes. They Fought Along With There British Friend's.

what threat encouraged the United States to join the allies in world war 1

you cant world war one is over

Turkey joined Germany in World War 1

well, they joined when britain was at war

because they wanted to

they didn't, they STARTED it

Britain joined world war one in 1914

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