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Why did the Indians use a bola?


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BolaThe bola " a piece of rope with weighted objects on the ends" it is kindof like those things that you throw that have golf balls at the end and you throw it and it raps around the bars? anywayyy was thrown at whatever animal they were hunting or enemy they were fighting and would wrap around it " usually its legs " and immobilize it

Used most commonly by the the South American gauchos

Gauchos use bolas to capture running cattle or game.The thrower grasps the bolas either by one of the weights or by the center of the cords. He gives the balls momentum by swinging them and then releases the bolas. The weapon is usually used to entangle the animal's legs, but when thrown with enough force might even break the bone.

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Ebola was used as a hunting 'weapon'. Indians would hold the bola either by the middle of the chord or by the weight at the end and throw it towards their game as to entangle the legs and immobilize them.

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