Why did the Liberal Government try and fail to give Home Rule for Ireland in the years 1910-1914?

After the December 1910 elections, the Liberals had a majority of only one seat over the Conservatives (Unionists) in Parliament. In order to have a reasonable chance of maintaining their government, the Liberals formed a partnership with the Irish Nationalists, who had 84 seats in Parliament. The Irish Nationalists would go along with the Liberal agenda in exchange for the passage of a Home Rule bill. The Liberal Government introduced a Home Rule bill to fulfill its obligations. This bill faced extreme opposition in Parliament from the Unionists, and in Ulster from Orangemen who wanted to remain in the United Kingdom. This opposition bordered on the edge of treason and civil war in Ireland at the worst, and led to insurrection at best. The Liberal Government was either unable or unwilling to force Home Rule upon Ulster. There was some question of whether the Army would follow orders to subdue Ulster after the "Mutiny at Curragh" in which several officers decided they would rather resign than move against the Ulster Volunteers.


The Conservatives had a natural majority in the House of Lords, this was at a time when the Lords was aristocratic and unwilling to allow homerule for the Irish.