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Why did the Maine colony start?

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The state of Maine was established because of the Missouri Compromise ( to balance # of slave and free states) but it was a part of Massachusetts and that colony started because of desire for religious freedom

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No. The colony of Maine did not have slaves because there was no colony of Maine.

Maine was its own colony -Leppis

Maine was a colony of Massachusetts until 1820.

The colony of Maine was never actually founded, as it existed originally as part of the colony of Massachusetts. The district of Maine seceded from Massachusetts on March 15, 1820.

Maine was once apart of Massachusetts.

No. Maine was originally part of Massachusetts.

Maine wasn't a colony. It was part of New Hamshire. Therefore, no one could have founded it.

The colony of Massachusetts at one time owned the territory of what is now the state of Maine.

The colony of Maine would be the Northern colonies.

Maine was controlled by Massachusetts.

Maine was part of Massachusetts, and Massachusetts was completely anti-George, so I don't think so.

Maine was a district of Massachusetts during the colonial period. The colony of New Hampshire was in between the two.

Province of Massachusetts Bay Later became Maine and Massachusetts

Maine was never a colony. It was part of Massachusetts and then of the state of Massachusetts until 1820, when it was admitted to the Union.

The first settlement in the state of Maine was founded in 1604. This colony was established by Samuel de Champlain who claimed it for France.

Massachusetts Bay Colony

No. At the time Maine was part of the colony of Massachusets,

There was no government in Maine in 1629. It wasn't a colony yet.

The northernmost colony in the American was Massachusetts. At the time, the colony included the area that is now Maine.

New England was a charter colony. Maine was a royal colony.

New Hampshire and Maine.

No,it was a part of Massachusetts

Maine and New Hampshire