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Vietnam had been a French Colony prior to WWII and had been occupied by Japan during the war. France tried to reinstate its presence after the war and found that the growing Vietminh movement was difficult to deal with. Truman made financial and war material aid available to a limited extent. Eisenhower continued that policy and added military advisers and the CIA's Air America services and intelligence assets to help out France. Kennedy added the new Green Berets to help train the South Vietnamese Armed Forces and to create "strategic hamlets". The French war had become America's War.

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How did different presidential administrations from Truman to Nixon handle Cold War affairs?

From Truman to Nixon, presidential administrations had different ways to handle the Cold War including the Truman and Eisenhower administrations pursuing a policy of containment. Kennedy voiced support for the containment of Communism with an us versus them mentality.

Who are the seven US presidents involved in the Vietnam war?

Truman, Eisenhower, Kennedy, Johnson, Nixon, Ford and Carter.

What president first sent over military advisors into south Vietnam?

It was John F. Kennedy It was not Kennedy. It was Truman in 1950. It was not JFK or Truman. Eisenhower first intervened in 1955 when he began supplying South Vietnam with money and weapons as well as military advisers to train South Vietnam's army. It WAS Kennedy

Who were the five US presidents involved in the Vietnam War?

Harry Truman, Dwight Eisenhower, John Kennedy, Lyndon Johnson and Richard Nixon.

Eisenhower and Truman doctrine?

If your talking about realation, than I would be happy to answer! The Truman Doctrine had ended any American isolation and started a new foreign policy. Eisenhower admidistration had been interested in taking control of the spread of communism. Same with the Kennedy admisistration as they were interested in Vietnam.

Which American presidents reigned during the Korean and Vietnam War?

Truman had Korea; Eisenhower initiated Vietnam.

What 4 president's did Mahalia Jackson sing for?

Truman, Eisenhower, Kennedy, Johnson

State the Vietnam policy of each of the following president Truman Eisenhower Kennedy and Johnson?

To state the Vietnam policy for each of the following presidents a person would need to know what the following is. When this is not included with the question the answer will not be able to be known.

Who was the US president during the Persian gulf war the Korean war Vietnam war?

President Reagan during the Iraq-Iran Persian Gulf War; Truman for the Korean War; Eisenhower, Kennedy, Johnson, Nixon, and Ford for Vietnam.

US president who presided over Vietnam war?

Truman was president when military aid was given to the French in 1950. Eisenhower followed by Kennedy then Johnson Nixon was president when the USA was finally defeated.

President durning baby boom?

Truman - Eisenhower - Kennedy - Johnson Eisenhower was President for 8 years, all of which coincided with the baby boom.

The Truman Eisenhower Kennedy Roosevelt Doctrines sole aim to stop the spread of communism anywhere in the world?

One of the sole purposes to the Truman, Kennedy, Roosevelt, and Eisenhower doctrines was to contain communist expansion in the world. Eisenhower's doctrine was in 1957 and wanted to block communism in the middle east.

Who was the president prior to Eisenhower?

truman truman truman truman

Difference between Truman doctrine and eisenhower doctrine?

Eisenhower doctrine was announced by Dwight D. Eisenhower, and Truman Doctrine was announced by Harry S. Truman.

What presidents ordered military action against communism?

President's Wilson (Allied intervention in Russia), Truman (Korea), Kennedy (Vietnam, Cuba), Johnson (Vietnam), Nixon (Vietnam), Ford (Mayaguez incident), and Reagan (Grenada). If one considers the U-2 incident to be a military action, you could include President Eisenhower.

How did presidents Eisenhower Kennedy and Johnson begin or change the role played by the US in the Vietnam War?

Presidents Eisenhower, Kennedy and Johnson each altered the United States' role in the Vietnam War. Eisenhower entered the US into the Vietnam War in an effort of heroism. Eisenhower believed in the Domino Theory, which was that if one nation fell to Communism others would fall too. Eisenhower's had rollback policies aka the removal of Communism in areas that were already Communist. The war on Communism wasn't completely popular in the US so Eisenhower's concern that the loss of Vietnam would eventually lead to the loss of Japan and he might become unpopularity with citizens for "losing Vietnam" was valid. Kennedy worked to contain Communism. Like Eisenhower, Kennedy supported the Truman Doctrine. He attempted to contain Communism by sending more troops and "green berets". Kennedy also authorized the spraying of chemicals to kill foliage making the enemy easier to find and defeat. Kennedy supported the overthrow of Diem and shortly after Diem's death, Kennedy was assassinated. Johnson believed in calibrated escalation of the war. One tactic he used was bombing specific targets in North Vietnam to get authorities to comply. He also got congress's permission to take all necessary measures to win the war. Though things weren't going as planned, he worked to convince Americans that we were winning the war. Each President, Eisenhower Kennedy and Johnson, involved the US in different roles in the Vietnam War.

What actions did Harry Truman take toward the conflict in Vietnam War?

Truman helped the French in their war; he was out of office when the American War began...Eisenhower began that portion in '55.

For twenty five years in Vietnam Presidents Truman Eisenhower Kennedy Johnson and Nixon demonstrated Americas commitment to the policy of?

Communist containment (more commonly called "Soviet Containment" during those days). Or containing communist aggression.

7 future presidents that fought during world war 2?

ford, Kennedy, bush, carter, eisenhower, Johnson, Truman

What are the presidents since 1950?

Truman Eisenhower Kennedy Johnson Nixon Ford Carter Reagan Bush Clinton Bush Obama

How was the president before Eisenhower?

Truman preceded Eisenhower.

How did Truman and Eisenhower differ regarding civil rights?

Truman did not believe in racial separation in the military. Eisenhower did.

Who was the US President when the Vietnam War started?

Make a choice between Truman who gave material and financial aid to France, Eisenhower who added advisers, intelligence support and Air America, Kennedy who sent in the Green Berets or Johnson who sent in the Marines.

Who were the presidents from 1944 to 2010?

fdr Truman eisenhower Kennedy Johnson Nixon ford carter Reagan bush Clinton bush Obama

Who were the US presidents from 1945-1975?

Harry Truman, Dwight Eisenhower, John Kennedy, Lyndon Johnson, Richard Nixon and Gerald Ford.

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