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For multiple reasons 1) Poor white farmers feared economic competition of four million freed slaves. 2) White plantation owners feared abolition would destroy the South's economy 3) Slaveholders believed that slaves were inferior and required White guardianship 4)Slavery was also condoned in The Bible

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Q: Why did the south support slavery?
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Did the south support slavery?

Yes! Of course!

Why did the Republican Party have almost no support in the south?

they opposed slavery

What was the position of non slave owners in the south?

mountain dwellers who didnt support slavery and white trash but they supported slavery

Do South Carolina support slavery?

Yes because north Carolina and south carolina used to be one state but when tennsions started growing between the north and south they split so south Carolina was part of the south that supported slavery

Did hinton helper support slavery?

No he did not, he thought it was awful. As stated in The Impending Crisis of the South, slavery hurt the entire economy of the south, but mainly the non-slaveholding white farmers.

Why did political leaders of the south generally support slavery?

They needed a cheap labor force

How did Texas' geography support slavery?

the southern part of the us supported slavery and the north was against it. however some states in the south still supported it so the fact that it was in or near to the south, related to the fact that it supported slavery.

How did many white southerners who did not own slaves still support slavery?

They supported slavery because, though the south was very big on slavery, they wanted to still keep slavery for they could make money...

Why did the poor whites people in the south support slavery?

they believed the black race to be inferior to theirs.

How did issues of states' rights and slavery increase tension between the north and south?

Northern workers opposed slavery; southern planters support it

Why did the south not want Lincoln to be president?

The South wanted more control of their own states. Lincoln did not support this. Also, the South supported slavery, and Lincoln didn't.

Was the south for or against slavery?

The south was against slavery.

Did Canada support slavery?

No, in those times only the south supported it. But the north for ex. Canada was abolionist.

Who did the slaves support in the civil war?

Not the south. They supported everyone in the north who was againt slavery just like them.

How did the southern economy support slavery?

Other way round. The Southern economy was supported by slavery, because it was the mainstay of the cotton industry - the only export the South had.

Why did new England support slavery when ratifying the constitution?

They would not have enough state votes to pass the constitution if slavery was outlawed by it. The south would have voted against it.

Why was the south against slavery?

Actually the NORTH was against slavery, and the SOUTH wanted slavery.

Why did south pennslyvania want slavery?

In South Carolina, a quarter of the slaves achieved freedom. ... The word "slave" does not appear in the Constitution. ... The framers of the Constitution believed that concessions on slavery were the price for the support of southern delegates for a ... In June 1787, the Pennsylvania Society for the Abolition of Slavery.

Was slavery good for the south?

yes slavery was good for the south

Did the south favor or oppose slavery?

The South favoured slavery

What generalization can you make about the abolition of slavery in the south?

They did not want slavery in the south they wanted to be apart of slavery.

How did the geography of the south support the growth of slavery?

The geography permitted cotton farming (a rich crop). Cotton farming was labor intensive. Slavery is a cheap form of labor.

Why didn't the foreign countries like France of Britain support the South in the Civil War?

There were factions in both countries who were ready to support the South. Yet after Lincoln made the Emancipation Proclamation, any support for the South was seen as support for slavery. Plus, England began growing its own cotton in Egypt and India, eleminating the economic necessity for trading with the South.

Why did the South not support the newly formed Republican Party?

The south did not support the newly formed Republican Party because ,the party wanted to end slavery. The south used a great deal of slave labor to cultivate crops like cotton.

Did Clara Barton support slavery?

Clarais neutral, she is a christian. in the civil war she helped both north and south.