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It has been US policy (tradition) NOT to declare war on any nation without cause. Germany did nothing to the US, worth declaring war over (they had engaged some of our "Flush Deck-four piper destroyers" that were performing escort duties in the Atlantic Ocean). It was the "Tripartite Pact" that allowed the US to enter war with Germany; When Japan attacked, Germany tried to fulfill their end of the bargain...hoping in return, Japan might attack RUSSIA (Soviet Union); creating a "Second Front" for the Soviet Union then fighting the embattled Germans.

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When did Hitler announced war on US?

Germany didnt declare war on US.. US declared war on Germany

How did Neville Chamberlin declare war on Germany?

send a letter if they didnt have it back by 11pm then they would be at war

In what year was world war 2 declared?

1939 because that was when a country, Poland (that didnt belong to germany) was first invaded. The United States did not declare war (on Japan) until 1941 and Germany declared war on the US shortly thereafter.

Who invented Methadone?

It was first invented in Germany during the Second World War 1937 by scientists. The Second World War didnt start until 1939!

Why did Germany have the biggest empire?

Germany didnt!The biggest empire the world has ever seen is the British Empire,it was the biggest empire in the world by far!Improved:your right, Germany didnt have the biggest empire. Britain did. they owned a quarter of the world, and also, a quarter of its population. Germany were jealous of Britain and this contributed to the long term causes of world war one ! =)

What was Adolf Hitler's role during World War 2?

being mean and punishing Jews when he was one but he didnt like them and being the dictator of Germany basically

When did the Japanese formally declare war during Pearl Harbor?

they didnt, we declared war on them for attacking us. they "provoked" us to declare war, though we provoked them first by taking away their oil

When did bush declare the war over?

he didnt it is still goin on

Did the UN ever declare genocide in Darfur?

No it didnt in a full meaning

What made Britain declare war with Germany in world war 2?

This started because the Germans decided to invade Poland and Britain had said if this happens we will help you. So they decided to send a note to them saying that they wanted to go to war thinking that it would scare them of. But unfortunately it didnt

How did the loss of colonies in Africa lead to Germany starting world war 2?

It didnt. Loss of conlines, if that even happened, was not a reason that germany started the war

Why did Germany push the US into World War 2?

Germany didnt push us into WWII so much as Pearl Harbor did. I believe we declared was on Japan and Germany declared war on the U.S.

Why didnt France and England join World War 2 during The Great Depression?


For what reasons did Americans relocate during world war 2?

Erm they didnt you retard

Was tv important during world war 2?

No it didnt exist until 1946

African Americans during World War II?

fought valiantly but didnt get the credit they deserved

What was the last Soviet republic to declare it's independence?

georgia.... it really didnt go that smoothly

Why were Americans prepared to declare their independence from Britain?

They were bootleggers and bums that didnt want to pay their taxes.

Why was China isolated from the rest of the world during ancient times?

it was mainly because they were afraid of the new world, and didnt want to change

What was school like during World War 2?

School was quite hard during the second world war as they had to salout Hitler everyday and if they didnt the teachers would be executed.

What is the history of the Olympics in Germany?

they didnt win anything

How did America's foreign policies during World War 2 lead up to the cold war?

it didnt.

What did women do at home during world war 1?

women cleaned pots and dishes they didnt like it

What was Henry s Truman's response at the Postdam conference at the end of world war 2?

He was disappionted that Russia didnt declare war on Japan and wanted to control countries in Eastern Europe

Why was the German capital of Berlin divided into 4 sectors after war world 2?

because some of germany didnt like how the other germans were bahaving for e.g they had lots of wars and killed inocent people for no reason so some of germany didnt like it and they seperated into 4 sectors.

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