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Why do 1993 protege go forward in reverse gear?


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Answered 2007-12-20 08:49:09

The car is not actually in reverse, it only looks so because the linkage between your transmission and the shift lever is broken or stretched. Most likely the tranmission is fine, but the linkage will need to be looked at or replaced.


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Same as forward but... Backwards

Yes it does. And better forward gear ratios

only automatic transmissions, manuals have their forward and reverse gear selections

Sounds like it is not really in reverse-check trans to see what gear it's really in.

do you have all forward gears? if yes, you have broken reverse gear (one turning the spin into reverse) in the transmission, if you miss also some forward gears it shifts rough, tranny is to be rebuilt... either way it's expensive fix

A reverse idler gear in a manual transmission. It converts the reverse gears turning direction into the outputshaft to reverse its direction. The transmission can not spin clockwise when the reverse idler is engaged thus it only spins backwards not forward.

Your gear linkage is offset!! Or you are on a steep down hill

Bang depending on the vehicle, you will ruin the transmission.

You need to lift the collar on the gear stick to engage reverse gear

reverse drum inside of trans is stripped out the fix is teardown unit and replace with abeast drum from transtar

the forward gear clutch pack is worn out. the only solution is to get the transmission rebult.

First Gear: 3.625:1 Second Gear: 2.043:1 Third Gear: 1.394:1 Fourth Gear: 1.00:1 Fifth Gear: 0.853:1 Reverse: -4.039:1

I think it might have the same problem as my jeep ,,,it only go forward and when i shift the gear to won't. Have ask around was told it have to be the transmission (Ugh! an expensive repair)

Planes don't have reverse gear any more than they have forward gears. However, the forward thrust of the engines can be deflected to provide reverse thrust, typically used during landing. The reverse thrust is not used for manoeuvring so planes are generally pushed backwards until they are positioned to be able to moved forward. There have been some prototypes of a driving wheel for use on airliners. The motor is electrically powered and allows all main engines to be shut down while the plane is moving around an airport. Being electric, the motor can run backwards as easily as forward so this technology does indeed provide a reverse gear. Although this technology has been demonstrated, at the time of writing there are no published plans to go into production.

If you mean the transmission itself shifts forward, it is because the transmission is suspended, so when the transmission is put in reverse gear the momentum will push the transmission forward. Now, if the car pulls forward when put in reverse, this means there is a transmission problem. This may just indicate the shift linkages need adjustment, or that the transmission has a major problem and needs repairing. Take it to a shop and have it checked.

fifth gear and the related components need to be replaced

The input sunshell splines have stripped or the hub has broken off. This will give you 1st + 3rd gears only with no reverse, 2nd, or 4th gear.

usually a linkage problem - adjust linkage that connects transmission to gear shift

no but you can by a kit on eBay for a reverse gear

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