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Click on the link to your right for the answer. Because of a gas leak?????? Leaking fuel filter or fuel filter connections; Plugged, dirty or poorly connected fuel injector(s); Leaking or faulty fuel pump; Leaking fuel lines; Punctured or damaged fuel tank.

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Q: Why do I smell gas from engine?
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Why does your car smell like gas when it is running?

because your engine is going to break down or when you start the car if the whether is cold, it makes it smell like gas

What would cause a gas smell in a 2006 Honda CR-V?

My engine light was on and I had a gas smell in my 2000 CRV when the pipe from the gas cap to the gas tank rotted out. It was replaced for ~$500 by Aamco.

What is burning smell 95 Chrysler new yorker?

You'll probably smell that burning smell if your gas is burning right, try putting about a cup of sugar into your gas tank as a catalyst.WRONG!! Do not put sugar in your gas tank! This will likely ruin your engine!!

Mazda 6 engine shakes and there is a smell of gas?

a vaccun hose loose or broking

What does it mean if your car has a gas smell coming from the AC or heater?

There is a fuel leak in the engine compartment. Have a mechanic look at the engine.

Can a bad oxygen sensor cause gas smell?

Yes, it cause the engine to run rich.

There is a gas smell coming from your engine what could that be?

Gas leak. Very dangerous situation. Stop driving this car until you find the leak.

Why is your S10 Chevrolet truck smell like gas when you turn the engine off but is not leaking gas?

because you just got done using it

Why there is a smell of gas when you start the engine?

You have a fuel leak somewhere. Have a trusted mechanic find it and repair it for you asap!

What does methane gas smell of?

It is a colorless, ODORLESS, gas. It has no discernible smell.

What smell is added with lpg gas?

LPG does not have any smell that is gas.

Why does oil smell like gas but compression is good?

Not knowing what vehicle and engine you have you may have a faulty fuel pump leaking gasoline into the engine crankcase.

Please help Check engine light came on and notice a gas odor?

Check your gas cap. If the tank does not build pressure, it trips a sensor and the check engine light will come on. The gas smell is the fumes that should have created the pressure.

Why do you smell gas fumes?

i smell gas fumes in 96 Nissan quest

Why does natural gas have a smell added to it?

Natural gas has a smell added so that if there is a leak people will be able to smell it.

Why would your car smell like gas inside when you turn on the heater or draw air through the vents?

You might have a gas leak in your front engine compartment. The heater pull in air from the front and therefore if you got a gas leak it will pull the smell in get it check asap.

What causes a gas smell in a 1995 Tracker It is also hard on gas Is this because it is a 16-valve engine?

if you have a hard time starting the engine when its warm and you have a gas smell with poor fuel economy check you engine coolant temp sensor if it isn't working it could tell the computer it is alot colder than what it is and cause it to put out to much fuel. hope this helps also check your o2 sensor

Why do you smell a strong gas smell out the tailpipe?

The engine is likely running too rich. Check the spark plugs and clean/replace as necessary. Same thing with the air filter.

Should there be a strong smell at the gas meter?

Absolutely not. If there is a strong smell of gas at the meter, call the gas company.

Why does my lumina Run rough smell gas after starting?

after start car smell gas why?

Rough idle smell of gas ford windstar?

rough idle smell gas

Why does your 2004 F150 smell like natural gas or sulfur when no check engine light is on?

this is a natural occurence, dont be worried.

Why do the spark plugs smell like gas?

why do my spark plugs smell like gas but the conductor is dry just the threads smell like gas and are also wet

What could be wrong with an 88 Chevy 350 after replacing the engine that it would have spark and you know it's getting gas because you can smell it but it wont fire?

engine timing

Should parsley smell like gas?

No. Not unless you want it to smell like gas, or purposedly spray gas on parsley.