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Why do Toyotas have two air filters?

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One air filter is located in the engine compartment and is to keep foreign particles out of the intake chamber. The other one is located in the passenger compartment and is to help keep foreign particles and some allergens out of the passenger compartment.

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Can having two air filters increase performance on a vehicle?

If you have a really well built engine that pulls a lot of air and has a fairly small filter then maybe. Instead of going with two filters just invest in a good K & N air filter. It flows more air than the regular air filters.

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Where is air filter in Subaru Forester?

My 2000 Forester has at least two air filters. One filters engine air and one filters cabin air. Look in your owners manual for location of either or drop another line here with a more specific request.

Is there two air filters in a citreon xsara Picasso?

yes pollen filter and air filter

What vehicle uses a Fram CA7351 air filter?

This air filter fits many Toyotas.

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Do Honda Accords have two air filters one for air and one for air conditioning?

One is for the engine and one is for the cabin. (for air circulation)

Are there two air filters for a 2008 dodge sprinter diesel?

One engine air filter and one cabin air filter.

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air filters

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Do all 2007 dodge chargers have cabin air filters?

No, cabin air filters are not stock on any of the newer Chargers to date.

How do you change a 1992 Nissan 300zx air filter?

The air filters are under the front panel between the headlights, remove the four 10mm bolts attaching the panel which are located behind it, then the rest is just opening the air box and replacing the filters (yes there's two of them)

What are fan coil filters?

The fan coil filters is used for return air cleaning.