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Why do dogs stare at you?


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Some dogs are naturally aggressive, but most quiet, peaceful dogs are aggressive when you tease them or stare into their eyes.

They know the person's speaking, and are waiting for a command from the pack leader ((you)).

Dogs have a second sense that humans cannot comprehend. When the moon and sun reflect certain spectrums of colors, dogs gravitate and stare off at them. So the next time your dog is staring let them be because it is all part of nature and the circle of life. We shall accept rather than question the inevitible.

Stare is a noun (a blank stare) and a verb (to stare).

Depending on what type of dog it is, most dogs get the idea that you are challenging them when you stare into the dog's eyes or steal its toy out of its mouth, they think its play time and they get aggressive.

The sun during an eclipse is no more dangerous than during a normal day. Difference is people want to LOOK at an eclipse, but do not want to stare directly at a normal sun.Dogs have better sense than people, and do not try to stare at the sun, eclipsed or not.

because dogs are dogs and they want to protect you and they also want to see whats going on in front of you. Cats just like to stare at you to pet them

there are many different reasons sometimes it is in affection or confusion ,but most of the time it wants to play or attack.

Here are some sentences.Don't stare at that man.Everyone will stare at you in that outfit.

It is rude to stare. Please don't stare at me. I tried not to stare but she was gorgeous.

Yes they do stare. they mostly stare at their food or at other penguins

Jason Stare goes by J Stare.

the opposite for stare is glance

It depends on your personality. It may be better to stare back.

Stare is present tense. The past tense is stared, and the future tense is will stare.

they stare because the hills have eyes.

"Stare" is the correct spelling.

"Stare" is a present tense verb.

People stare, because they are either admiring or disgusted. Take for instance, when you see a hobo, you will stare.

I think it's just a blank stare. For the same reason we humans stare at nothing.

They have no choice but to stare since they have no eyelids.

Stared is the past tense of stare.

Stare at hm back and give him the face of an flirt :)

Be confident and smile at them

It is rude to stare at people.

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