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Why do electric windows often not do up again?


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2010-09-19 03:14:17
2010-09-19 03:14:17

Chances are the motor for that window is bad. It may be an electrical issue such as a short, or disconnected wire. Your best bet is to try the motor first unless you see the actual wiring problem visually. You may have a problem within the electronics. In window motors, there is a 'mica conductor' in line with one of the commutator brushes and the wiring leading to the brush. This conductor loses its conductivity over a period of time and slows the operation of the motor, typically the window will go down but not back up, it's really a built in failure of the motor (inducing the purchase of an expensive new motor).

This is easily overcome, use a short length of 15 amp copper wire and solder it over the mica conductor thereby by-passing it, a full voltage will now reach the motor bringing it back to full strength. I have done this on GM, Nissan and Ford vehicles.

Also certain (mostly older) cars have a cover over the switches to go up and down, that depending on your car, can be easily replaced. (my brother had the same problem with his 1991 volvo.)


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