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It depends on what guy is ignoring you. If you like someone a lot and they ignore you then they either don't feel the same about you or could be shy. Men think that women are a mystery, but in truth, both sexes are a real mystery and I doubt we'll ever be able to figure each other out. Men think different from women and while women can sometimes thinking about the romance of a relationship that could happen or is happening, often men can be 1,000 miles away and thinking about what the score is going to be on the next football game.

If there is more than one guy ignoring you, does there have to be a reason? It would be a whole lot better if you could answer my post and give me a bit more information so I could give you more constructive advice.


men are spineless freaks,they just ignore u because they havnt got the courage to be honest hence that's why they ignore u

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2011-09-14 00:21:27
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Q: Why do guys ignore you for no reason?
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Do guys like you more if you ignore them?

no they will not

Do guys ignore you to get over you?

why do guys ignore youNo guys do not ignore you to try and get over you. they ignore you because they are trying to love and let go. either that or there taking the breakup really really hard AnswerWell, if you broke up with him, he probably feels slighted. Dont forget men don't deal with emotions well and alot are immature so in his little head he is thinking "she dumped me and now she doesnt exist to me anymore" I wouldn't worry about it, you got rid of him for a reason, live with it and move on.

Why do guys ignore girls when they find out they like them?

Because guys tend to believe that they will get more attention (from those girls who like them), when they ignore girls who like them

Why do guys ignore you after they break up with you?

They hate to see you cry

Why do girls ignore guys?

It depends what personality the girl likes.

Why do guys think about guys?

The same reason guys think about girls.

Why do some guys ignore smart girls?

They make them feel dumb.

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Flirt with other guys and ignore him. 100% works

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== ==

What does it mean when you start crying for no reason?

You probably have a reason. Something you've been trying not to feel, like if you ignore it its not there, but it is. And your emotions are telling you- Hey! Don't ignore me!

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yes of course all the time

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