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Why do horses eat grass and hay?


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this is what they eat because it is the only thing a horse can digest along with carrots apples...etc...mainly fruits and vegetables and grass and hay is what they can digest


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all horses can eat hay/grass. all horses can eat hay/grass.

horses primerily eat grass or hay.

Horses should eat mostly grass or hay.

Horses primarily eat grass. hay, and grain.

Naturally, horses will mostly eat grass and hay.

pinto horses eat hay. dry feed, bran, oats, grass, barley, and hay.

hay and grain Horses eat a varity of things. Grass, hay, grain etc

Horses are herbivores. Their natural diet is grass. Hay is simply dried grass. By cutting and drying grass in the summer, it can be stored for the horse to eat through the winter.

Horses love grass and hay also carrots and apples.

Hay, and grass if there lucky.

they usuallo eat y eat long grass horses are the one who eats hay

They eat mostly hay and grass.

Grain, Grass, and hay, just like normal horses eat

Every horse eats grass/hay. Ocasionally grain and treats like that!! All horses eat grass/hay. Ocasionally grain and treats

They can eat all kinds of hay. Alfalfa, grass,oat,pea, these are all good fodder for horses.

hay is dead grass and you feed it to horses, cow and sheep!and humans can NOT eat it!

Hay, oats, grass, grain, and ect.

Grass and hay the usual!

Everything that other horses eat. Hay, grain, grass ect...

grass, hay, leaves, a lot of the things that horses eat.

the pretty much eat hay Grass pellets

Yes, all horses love hay. Hay is nothing but specific varieties of dried up grass. All horses love to graze - grazing is what they mostly do, thus they love grass and hay.

Horses will eat all kinds of grass. They like fresh pasture grass and hays of all kinds. Oat and pea hay, alfalfa hay. They love clover which is not a grass but a ground cover.

horses eat grass, hay, barley etc. They don't eat meat. So the answer is yes.

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