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Why do individuals and societies seem unable to learn from history?

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September 14, 2011 12:24AM

I am not a historian, but this continues to happen. People want you to conform to how they are or how their outlook is on things and what they think should be done, and they want you to conform to their thinking.

EX: Govt getting involved in peoples lives because of special interest groups

The immigration ships from Ireland etc. the treatment the immigrants received, appauling.

I'm sure you know all of this but history keeps repeating itself, it goes on and on, its like your neighbor want you to conform the way they are and cut your grass every week if you don't its a sin in their eyes.

wonder why that is, no politicans pay attention to that.

Yes we never learn from history, the slaves, the Jews, the Irish the catholics, the protestants whatever you may be. If a group starts up against you God help you, because knowone in this country gives a damn about whats really going on here, they are watching too much TV and believing it!!!

My 2 cents, "Just let people live their own lives" its hard enough to make a living, pay taxes and put up with all the holy than thou, people should mind their business on trival matters, and focus on real problems like hunger, the homeless, Katrina victims, our soldiers in Iraq, instead of all the trivial BS of special interest groups.

sorry this is long, you just let me speak my mind. Good question you posted.