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Most likely your throttle plate is dirty and needs to be cleaned That is the first step The next step would be to check your Idle Air Control motor. The third step would be to check your coolant temp sensor as this can cause to rich or lean a condition and mess up your idle

2006-07-28 19:45:27
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Your 4l60E will not shift into second but wil shift into third after you build enough speed and then not overdrive?

your clutch packs are cooked

What new need for speed is coming in 2013?

I think it is the second version of undercover.

What if your 91 firebird formula 5.0 has a clunking noise as the car speed goes below 30MPH If you press in the clutch before it drops below 30MPH the clunking noise does not happen?

If there is a clunking noise on a 1991 Firebird Formula 5.0 when going below 30 mph, and the clunking noise does not happen when the clutch is depressed, it is probably a problem with the flywheel. The flywheel moves freely when the clutch is depressed. When the clutch is not depressed, it could be that something is rubbing on the flywheel, like the clutch plate.

How do you jump start a 1989 Nissan pickup?

you must have a clutch. put in second gear and push it and pick up some speed ,then engage cluch and put in second gear and release clutch ,make sure u have the key turned on.

When replace clutch plate?

If the clutch slips when not engaged. (Plates worn)If the clutch rattles when disengaged. (Bearing, basket issue)Acrid burning smell at speed when accelerating (Indicates the clutch is slipping at speed).

Why no clutch on Yamaha pw 80?

The 3-speed gearbox features an automatic clutch.

How do you pop the clutch in live for speed simulator?

Speed up to over 150 km/h. Engage reverse gear and release clutch pedal. You'll fry the clutch almost instantaneously.

What is a two stage clutch?

It's a form of speed where there car is at full speed before it reaches it's climax and transitions into a stage 3 clutch.

Question about linear speed and angular speed?

what is the relation angular speed and angular speed with clutch disc plate

How do you shift 8 speed transmission?

If it is an eight speed in a truck, chances are it is a big rig of some sort. Push the clutch in and put the shifter in first gear. Slowly let off the clutch until the truck starts to move. Speed up until it feels like you need to shift again. You can slip the shifter out of first and into second without using the clutch if you are quick and get the feel of the engine RPMs. If you want to use the clutch you will need to double clutch. Push the clutch in to shift from first to neutral. Now let the clutch out so the engine and transmission gears start turning at the same speed. Now, quickly clutch again and shift into the next gear. let off the clutch and accelerate again. If you have a four speed with a two speed rear end there will be a switch on the shifter. Shift through the first four gears normally, then flip the switch an go back to 1st, which will become 5th gear with the axle in high range. To down shift you should double clutch too. First, clutch to shift into neutral. Let off the clutch and rev up the engine so the RPMs are correct for the vehicle speed and the next gear you want to shift into. Now clutch again and downshift. When you let off the clutch the engine, which can only turn so fast, will pull the truck speed down. You can give the engine some throttle and slowly back off so the engine braking isn't so rough or sudden. Good Luck!

The speed of sound through oxygen at 0 and Acirc and degC is 316 meters per second. The speed of sound through solid copper is 5010 meters per second.?

No. The speed of sound in copper is well below that.

How do you know if you need a new clutch if the gears change all right and the clutch doesnt slip but you have loss of speed when you change into third gear or go uphill?

If the revs decrease as the speed decreases (in 3rd & uphill) then its not slipping, you don't need a new clutch, but if you are in any gear and the revs are increasing while the speed is decreasing, then the clutch is slipping.

How do you adjust the clutch on a 1988 Mazda B2200 with a 5 speed?

At the top of the clutch pedal in the cab of the truck.

On a 1997 Mercury Mystique 2L engine 5 speed can the clutch be adjusted if it is slipping?

You can adjust the clutch pedal free play but not the clutch itself.

What kind of clutch fluid do you put in a 2000 mustang 5 speed?

Your clutch is operated by a cable , it's not a hydraulic operated clutch on the 2000 Ford Mustang

What causes grinding from 1st to 2nd gear on a 94' f-350 4x4 ZF 5-speed worse when its cold?

It sounds like there is a problem with a synchronizer in the transmission.The synchronizer brings one gear to the same rotational speed as another before the teeth mesh.You can double clutch (let the clutch out momentarily when you are in neutral between first and second gear but push the clutch back down before shifting into second)that shift to eliminate the grinding until you can get it checked out.

Harley If you replace a 4 speed trans with a 5 speed trans do you need to replace the clutch as well?

It's usually a good rule of thumb that if you replace the trans, you replace the clutch.

What causes a 1993 Ford Ranger 4.0 5 speed manual clutch slipping?

Probably a worn out clutch disc.

If a 1993 Ford Explorer 5 speed takes forever to build-up speed and loses power going up hills does it need a new clutch?

It is entirely possible that your clutch needs replacing. In a vehicle that age, your clutch is probably very worn out.

How do you know when the clutch is on its way out?

The clutch will slip in higher gears first. Cruise about 40 mph in 4th gear and step on it, if the rpm's go up more then the speed your clutch is going

I have a speedfight 2 and its preety old.. if i change the clutch will i see difference on the speed?

Doubt it. Depending on clutch condition, it might make the clutch action and changing gear smoother.

Does the 2004 Chevy Cavalier have a hydraulic clutch?

yes if it is a 5 speed

Can a clutch on a 1996 chevy 4x4 5 speed be adjusted?

Yes, it can be.

What is wrong when you put a 1987 corolla fx in gear 5 speed and it won't increase speed Is it the clutch?

From The Information You Have Provided You Do. When Replacing The Clutch; Install A New Release Bearing And Pressure Plate Also.

A train 108 m long moving at a speed of 50 kmph crosses a train 112 m long coming from the opposite?

A train 108 m long moving at a speed of 50 kmph crosses a train 112 m long coming from the opposite direction in 6 seconds. The speed of the second train is