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A headache is a symptom of a number of different conditions of the head. Headache is caused by a disturbance of the pain-sensitive structures in the head. The brain in itself is not sensitive to pain, because it lacks nociceptors. You can get headaches from a number of things. Aspirin can help, but it doesn't take care of the pain itself. Aspirin is a depressant so it numbs or depresses the pain sensing part of your brain.

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Q: Why do people get headaches?
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Why people get headaches?

blood clots Do you know why people get headaches?

Do people get headaches if they read when the have strepthroat?

yes most people do get headaches

Why do some people not get headaches?

People with brain disorders suffer from fewer headaches.

What percentage of headaches are tension headaches?

roughly 90% of people suffer from tension headaches

Can Headaches be prevented?

Lifestyle modification is one measure that people can take to lower their risk of tension headaches.

Why is msg bad for you?

Msg gives a number of people headaches. It doesn't give me headaches, its all placebos and whatnot.

Does melatonin cause headaches?

Yes, severe headaches are a common cause for people to stop taking melatonin supplements.

Why do people experience headaches when they have a urinary tract effection?

Acupressure course carnt find it in the book they sent me. Why do people experience headaches when they have a urinary tract infection

Why do you get headaches while drinking alcohol?

Congeners, found mostly in darker colored drinks, can cause some people to have headaches.

You don't know what happened to me but i couldn't help figuring out what people is thinking whenever you see people especially in public places and it makes you have a headache why is this?

I assume you get these headaches when you're figuring out what people are thinking, not the other people. A few possibilities: you're concentrating very hard on these people, and that's causing these headaches. You're very sensitive to people, and the headaches are caused by bad vibes, harsh emotions, and the like. you're going beneath "surface thoughts" (what most of us can notice but don't bother to think about) and figuring out what people are thinking at a place where they're protective of their private see- the headaches is them trying to kick you out. the headaches don't actually have anything to do with your figuring out what people are thinking, but you subconsciously associate whatever is giving you these headaches with whatever is letting you figure out what people are thinking (since I don't know what either of these things are, I have no Idea how they could be related).

What are some of the medical terms for headaches that occur everyday?

The medical terms for headaches that occur everyday are chronicle daily headaches, tension headaches, rough headaches and heavy headaches. These headaches evolve from episodic migraine without aura.

What is a common flavor enhancer that causes headaches in some people?


What kind of sickness do people have if the person barfs has headaches and faints?

The flu

Does the 3DS cause headaches?

For some people it does and for some it dosen`t.

Why do you have so many headaches in a week?

Stress is usually the culprit for headaches. However, there are some people that get migraines, cluster headaches and some medications can cause headaches. It's wise to see your doctor and have it checked out. Marcy As this was in Pregnancy FAQs it is doubly important that you get checked as it may be a sign of pre-eclampsia.

Are persistent headaches and seizures brain tumor symptoms?

Seizures can be a definite sign, particularly if they are a new symptom. Headaches can be caused by a tumor, but most people with headaches do not have a tumor. However, persistent headaches that are worst in the morning, accompanied by nausea and vomiting, or that cause double vision can be signs of a brain tumor.

Can eating fish cause headaches?

Yes, fish can cause headaches (and/or other symptoms) if you have allergy or food intolerance. Many people have food allergies or intolerance without being aware of it. I get headaches after eating some fish but not others.

Are there any low cost home remedy solutions to headaches?

Headaches are a common problem for many people. Advil or another generic medicine will help with headaches. I wouldn't recommend home remedies because they might not always work.

What is the medical term for everyday headaches?

There are many terms that describers everyday headaches. Some of them are tension headaches, chronic daily headaches, persistence headaches and many more.

What is the prognosis for a patient with tension headaches?

Cutting down on stress and relying less on caffeine-containing medications can reduce the number of tension headaches for most people.

What is Headaches?

Chronic Headaches are headaches that keep coming back day after day.

What usually occurs when people taking calcium channel blockers have headaches?

Some people get headaches that last for a short time after taking a dose of this medication. This problem usually goes away during the course of treatment.

Do you get head aches before your period starts?

it depends. some people get headaches, and some people get cramps

What is Chronic headaches?

Chronic Headaches are headaches that keep coming back day after day.

Why do people get headaches in cars?

because if one person farts the other has to suffer