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Why do people lose water weight and muscle on low carb diets?


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The point of a low carb diet is to make sure that you have enough protein. If you do, you'll be able to loose weight without loosing muscle mass. Low carb helps you reduce your cravings. Sugar and starch (carbs) burn off quickly and the intake of carbs cause your body to produce insulin to metabolize the carbs. Some weight loss doctors claim that almost all overweight people have tendencies toward hypoglycemia (low blood sugar) which occurs when you eat carbs, produce too much insulin and quickly deplete the blood sugar. A condition like that causes low blood sugar within an hour or two and overweight people tend to get very hungry once the blood sugar has dropped and there is still too much insulin in the body.

A high protein diet with few carbs stops your body from producing too much insulin, stops you from having the cravings and helps you if if you want to loose weight.


I low carb diet, and i have yet to lose muscle over the years now. Carb is the bodies primary source of energy. If you are depleted in carbs, then your body will turn to fat as fuel. This is why low carb diets work. The problem is people can't fathom the fact that they can't eat as many carbs as they want, so they can't stay on a low carb diet. People love carbs! When you low carb, you will need to up your fat intake, so your body will use fat as fuel and not proteins. This will teach your body to burn fat as fuel, therefore dropping body fat lbs.

People lose water weight first in any diet, as the bodies weight is roughly 70% water. If you're losing muscle on a low carb diet, then you're diet is not in check.