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Why do people often find inappropriate jokes so funny?

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Embarrassment: because they don't want to think about the subject.

New person here; Some people are racist, and they just laugh to the joke. Adults also swear and are smarter than children, so they understand the jokes very well...

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Does Chuck Norris know about his jokes?

Ya he made a website for them. People often crack jokes when they're terrified.

Are jokes riddles?

No, of course. Jokes are not riddles! A joke is something you tell, like a line or a story. A riddle is something you ask someone that they have to figure out the answer. While riddles can be jokes (not always), and some jokes are in the form of riddles, they are often not one in the same. Many people think of humorous stories when they hear the word joke. Riddles are often told or asked as humor, but not always. Riddles can also be puzzles or mind teasers rather than jokes. Funny riddles are one type of joke, but humor is much more than just riddles.

How many jokes are there?

Millions since people are a joke often times and and life and situations can be that way too. So there are millions of jokes spoken and in existence. Ha ha ha.

Who did Johnny Carson often send jokes to for their show?

Johnny Carson often sent jokes to The Late Show with David Letterman. In fact, when Johhny passed away, Letterman, as a tribute, did an entire monologue of jokes that Johnny had previously sent over.

Strong language often mean?

That it has a lot of cussing (inappropriate for children), often offensive.

What are some good frog jokes?

Ones that are toad often.

Why prison jokes?

People often joke about things that are uncomfortable to discuss. Most people who have not been to prison don't know what it is like being locked up, and most don't want to go there and find out. They often lack sympathy for the people in there, so they may joke about prison rape, when that is actually a serious problem. Sometimes homophobia or anger at the incarcerated fuels the prison rape jokes.

What words do children think are funny?

Children often think that rude words are funny!

Why do people think that crying is funny?

I think people think it is funny at first because crying and laughing often sound the same. So unless they are a very cruel person, I don't know anyone who would think someone crying is funny. Though I do think that some people might think someone crying was funny if the reason they were crying was ridiculous or if the reason was hilarious. It still does not make thinking that someone crying is "funny", justified.

Why are the people giving answers here often some ignorant person who seem to think it's funny to frustrate people?

some may be but there are more that are not

When interacting with people whose cultural background differs from your own we find that?

what is funny to people in one society is often lost on those from another society.

What was funny about Love's Labour's Lost?

Love's Labour's Lost was very much a play of it's time. It is less popular now because the heavy word play and outdated jokes are too demanding of a modern audience. Modern productions often cut out some of the jokes.The characters of Costard, Armado and Moth can be very clever and funny. The Lords are funny simply because of the situation they've ended up in a how they decide to deal with it. Act 4 Scene 3 where the Lord spy on one another reading terrible poems works very well when staged.

Drinking alcohol at inappropriate times is known as?

It is often known as alcohol abuse.

Was Elvis Presley funny?

Yes, Elvis Presley was extremely funny. He loved comedians and his favorite was Peter Sellers. Elvis had a photographic memory and would recite entire dialogs from movies as well as mimic their facial, vocal, and physical traits. Elvis loved to play practical jokes. Elvis often shared his sense of humor with his fans onstage as well.

Why do people say epic fail?

It's usually just for jokes. More often than not, though, they say 'epic fail' because you try so hard to do something, but then you don't succeed, it is an epic fail. But if you try hard for something and you DO succeed, it is an epic win. .....Except epic fails are more fun! And kind of embarrasing, but funny!

What is good about having a good reputation?

People will want to hang around you more often when you are mature,funny(at the right times) ,and nice.

How do you flirt with a guy if you only see them a couple a minutes every-so-often and they're always with someone but who isn't a girlfriend?

if you know when your going to see him dress nice on those days. And make funny jokes really quick or say something funny to impress him. Or if your with friends do the laugh and pass and walk fast so he will think about you and then want more

Are questions on WikiAnswers right?

yes and no. they are given by people that sometimes try to be funny and give you bad information but not often. P.S. this is good info (:

How tall is Ronan Tynan?

Dr. Tynan is 6'4" tall, but often jokes that his height is "adjustable".

What are the elements of pantomime?

A Pantomime Dame and A Best Boy Audience Participation Really Bad Jokes Often Folk Tales People act like animals i.e. Pantomime Horse

Is it inappropriate to ask a girl whether or not she is a virgin?

Normally, only if you know her quite well, she likes you, and the mood is right. In trendy social circles, they often relish the inappropriate, and then you just take the risk. (You'd be surprised how often the trendies suddenly turn bourgeois on you.)

What are the ways to know a girl likes you?

There are many different signs but here are just a fewshe talks to you a lotwhen talking in a group she angles herself towards youshe touches your arm or playfully hits you oftenshe compliments youshe laughs at your jokes (even if they are'nt very funny)she always asks about you and your plans

How do Austrians and Germans feel about each other?

The same way Chinese and Japanese feel about each other, or like the Czech and Slovaks. At a low intelligent level, they tell inappropriate jokes and play with stereotypes. But as soon as you get to know someone in person, that pub's stuff is abandoned and often enough a fruitful cooperation and understanding is established.

Why today also sardars are facing vulgar jokes on them your friend converted because of such tease taunts?

I'm not quite sure what you are asking but, as my knowledge of Hindi=0, your English is far superior. But, I'll try to answer. Low, ignorant people make vulgar jokes about other people because the low, ignorant people feel bad about themselves. The low, ignorant people know that they aren't good so they try to find a way to make themselves feel better. That is why they make vulgar jokes about others. Intelligent, educated people do not do this. Often those jokes are about religion because making jokes about people of a different religion makes low, ignorant people feel better. In any country where a smaller group of people follow a religion different from the larger group of people, (like Sikhism) the low, ignorant people in the larger group will make vulgar jokes. This only shows how low and ignorant those people really are and you should hold them in deepest contempt. VERY deepest contempt. Your friend was either very sensitive and/or not very strong in his or her religion. Your friend felt badly about the jokes and thought that converting was better than having to have vulgar jokes made about him or her. This is too bad because it gives power to the low, ignorant people but your friend must make his or her own decisions. Each person must make the decisions that he or she feels are right for them so all you can do is try to let your friend know you still want to be friends. I hope this helps.

What is corny jokes?

Informal, old fashioned, lacking in subtlety. Showing no new ideas and often repeated

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