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Why do some mothers look down on women who have had c-sections?

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I had a c-section with my son and if I'am looked down on so be it! It saved my sons life he was breach and I feel it is a safer way to have a child. My friends son died because he got stuck in the birth canal. I'am all woman and I'am for c-sections! I am too for c-sections because I was born by one and doctors told me that I can't deliver vaginally due to a narrow pelvic. I wrote this question and I don't think that women are any less at all for having a c-section they are more of a woman because c-sections hurt way more than giving birth vaginally. But whenever a friend has a baby they are all up in my face saying how they had one "naturally" and not by c-section like I have to have one. I ask them what is more "natural" than giving birth to a baby? It does not matter how the child is born as long as they are healthy and they should be thankful that their child is healthy. They just seem to look at me as if I am not woman enough. Are they just making fun of me and I am too stupid to realise it? I'm all for c-sections saved my first child's life, had the second one "naturally" i tore so badly the doctor said he would even tell how many how many stitches he had to do, 7 weeks after the baby i had to come back for more stitching up, I had severe pain the whole 7 weeks could even enjoy my new baby, pain killers don't do a thing, the baby was hurt badly during the delivery i don't know why it's called "natural" birth when it's worse then a c-section, I'm scheduled for my 3 c-section in less then 2 weeks i would have my baby any other way. But i know it's not the same for all women i know a few of women who pop there babies out like it's nothing and are released from the hospital in less then 24 hours, I guess every women has to find out what works best for them and they think that's the best way to give birth. period.........

2009-02-19 22:44:00
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