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Why do the front dash AC vents on a 1997 Lesabre close when climbing a hill?


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2004-08-30 23:27:13
2004-08-30 23:27:13

Because U have a Vaccume leak-either a bad Vaccume hose going 2 the Vaccume Canister or the Canister.Sometimes they have small hard plastic hoses that crack or get brittle from Heat-IT only takes a very small leak 2 cause your problem,Even the Actuator inside the car could b bad or a hose off under the dash.


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Under the hood in front of the transmission dip stick is a vacuum line. If it is disconnected or split it will make the air vents not work. If that's not it check your fuses.

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My 2000 suburban for is blue and he added the AC on both sides

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