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Because U have a Vaccume leak-either a bad Vaccume hose going 2 the Vaccume Canister or the Canister.Sometimes they have small hard plastic hoses that crack or get brittle from Heat-IT only takes a very small leak 2 cause your problem,Even the Actuator inside the car could b bad or a hose off under the dash.

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โˆ™ 2004-08-30 23:27:13
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Q: Why do the front dash AC vents on a 1997 Lesabre close when climbing a hill?
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How can you fix your air vents to blow out air on a Buick LeSabre 1992?

Under the hood in front of the transmission dip stick is a vacuum line. If it is disconnected or split it will make the air vents not work. If that's not it check your fuses.

Ac is blowing from all vents except front vents?


We have two return vents in each room.One close to the ceiling and the other near the we need to close the floor vents winter or summer?

Cose the high vents in the winter and low in the summer..

Why does the heater for my 2003 Honda Pilot not blow hot air out of any vents in the front but the rear vents blow hot air?

Your front blower motor has gone out. There is a front and a rear blower motor.

The Ac blows cold out of the rear vents but blows hot out of the front vents?

Usually is a vacuum problem. The vacuum works through the climate controls to make the vent doors open and close.

Does Mt Erebus have secondary vents?

Yes, Mt. Erebus does have secondary vents. There are many of them, and they are located close to its inner crater.

Why does accelerating open or close dash vents?

Because the vents are vacuum operated and when u floor it the motor losses vacuum

Your car has front and rear air conditioner but only 2 of the front vents throw out cold air what could it be?

check to see if the controls for the vents are working, there is ususally a vaccum control unit and it may mot be working on the rear vents. hope it helps. duboff

In a 1997 Buick LeSabre the ac blows out the defroster for the first 5 minutes then comes out the vents it could be a vacuum leak where do you look for it?

I just fixed a similar problem on my 95 LeSabre, got info from this website.

Why would the fan for the front air vents have stopped working when the other vents eg windscreen are still working fine?

vacuum leak?

How do you get the air vent in the back seat to work the front seat works well in a 2005 Buick lesabre?

There is a conduit with a fastener at the end. When I obtained my 2005 Buick LeSabre my rear air vents seemed to blow less than I had expected. After further inspection, I discovered that the conduit was not attached to the vent stack. So I played with it until I got it to slide into the vent stack and it seems to work as I would have expected at present.

Is it better to leave all the furnace vents open even if you don't use that particular room very much or is it better to close the vents in that room?

I close the door and vents to rooms I don't use on a daily basis because I don't want to heat rooms I am not in. That can get expensive and it's not "green".

Cool air flows from drivers side vents and warm air flows from passengers side vents on a 1997 Buick Lesabre?

Make sure refrigerant is fully charged. Does it have dual climate control? Perhaps passenger side sensor is not working properly

How do i close vents in a 1984 Oldsmobile cutlass supreme?

side floor vents are manually closed, been along time but i think that's right.

Chevy trailblazer 2004 Why doesn't the air blow out of the front vents when the air conditioner is on?

The air of your Chevy trailblazer 2004 blow out of the front vents when the air conditioner is on because the air condition is faulty and it needs repair.

All windows and rear vents in 2000 Sienna not working is there a fuse?

There is not a fuse that controls the air to your vents in your 2000 Toyota. The vents are controlled by blending doors. The doors open and close to direct air to the desired location.

How do you know which heater core you need to replace on a 94 ford aerostar front or rear you have heat but no defrost and stream comes out of the vents when heat is on?

Front heater core is in the dash, the rear heater core is all the way in the back of the vehicle. If you have steam coming out of the dash vents, the front HC is leaking. If you have steam coming out of the rear heater vents, then the rear core is leaking.

When you accelerate in your1999 mercury mountaineer the vents close what would cause this?

Pin cone

How Smokey does a BBQ smoker get?

It depends on how much wood you use and how you set your exhaust vents. It can get very smokey if you close the vents and add a bunch of wood chips/chunks

What can you do if you can't get heat from the rear upper vents in your 2001 Sienna?

I believe the upper vents are for A/C only. The floor vents are for the Hot air. Test your ceiling controls by moving the knob from cold to hot, you should hear the air pass from upper vents to lower vents. Providing of course you have selected REAR from the front control panel.

How many square feet apart should you place vents?

Air vents are placed based on the required cfm load calculation per room not necessarily set at specific square feet apart. But you need to make sure that supply and return air are not close to each other. Supply air vents should be placed close to outside walls and return air close to interior central walls.

Why does Air conditioner work on defrost only and no front vents or floor?

Vacuum leak

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How do you close the vents on 89 Chevy Celebrity?

Move the heat control lever to the off position.

Why is your car air conditioner alway on?

It doesn't have to be if you close the vents and turn it down to a warmer temperature.