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I would say that your wiper switch is probably At Fault since the power runs thru it. See if there are any service recalls or bulletins by checking with your Ford dealer.

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2005-09-29 02:34:39
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Q: Why do the wipers on a 1999 Ford Ranger come on when you are driving down the highway and you have them turned off?
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How do you troubleshoot the windshield wipers on a 1994 ford ranger?

you are

When driving wipers come on by itself why?

There are a number of reasons why your wipers may come on by itself when driving. You may have a short in the wiring.

What do you do when its raining and your driving?

Turn on your windscreen wipers.

How do you replace wiper linkage on 2001 ford ranger?

why is it after I hooked up the linkage for my wipers the wipers stay in the upright position after I turn them off.

What size windshield wipers do a 2006 ford ranger need?

18 on both blades

What is wrong with Ford Ranger XLT Wipers?

My windshield wipers wont work, I have looked at the fuse but it is ok. sounds like a relay cliclking under the dash, where is it located?

How do you troubleshoot windshield wipers on a 1990 Ford Ranger?

There are check out charts that the mechanics have access to that will lead to the problem

Why would windshield wipers move when the switch isn't turned on?

Many vehicles have a "mist" feature that makes the wipers swipe one time upon startup to remove mist or fog. This normally can be turned off...check manual.

What would cause the horn domelight speedometer and windshield wipers to not work in a 98 ford ranger?

a dead battery

Why mostly in rainy days the windshield wipers on your 1998 Ford Ranger work only at highest speed with the switch turned all the way to the bottom?

Could be a bad wiper motor - has 2 windings one may be bad Could be a bad switch

Why does Fiat panda 2005 windscreen wipers come on after reversing car. What type of fault is this please?

I own a 05 panda and the rear wipers come on when reversing only when the front wipers are turned on hence not afault but a nice feature,Tony G.

How do you turn off the windscreen wipers when the car engine has been turned off?

You simply cannot. Sorry.

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