Why do you feel bad when your always the third or fifth wheeland you see your friends having fun with their boyfriend or girlfriend and your just sitting their alone and your heart hurts?

You are certainly feeling lonely and one can't blame you for that, but many of us have gone through that during our youth. I know I've been there myself when I was in my teens and many guys have been too. You feel left out and feel that every couple has a little secret between themselves, are loved, having more fun than you and most importantly the feeling of belonging to someone else and they're in love. You begin to feel there is something wrong with you and are rejected from the group. Of course this is not true and your time will come when you'll meet that special someone. Please start going out with other single friends for fun and like the old saying goes, 'A watched kettle never boils' means that if you just sit around watching your other friends and never straying away from the group once in awhile you are never going to find that someone special. Watching and waiting can feel like an eternity, but trust me, if you get out more with single friends you will meet someone special. Don't give up!