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that's the question you need to ask yourself what is he not giving you that you need to go find it with someone else after you've figured that out talk to him about it and see if there is some way you too can solve it together rather have you destroy this happy relationship that you say you have and another thing if you were so happy why do feel like cheating deal with your feelings before you talk to your husband AnswerThis is quite common in both men and women. When we first go together and are first married life is a bowl of cherries, but when responsibilities and the reality of life hits us square between the eyes we have to face problems and solve them, pay bills, usually both couples work and at the end of the day most of us are exhausted. The magic has simply gone out like a flickering candle. It takes work to have a successful marriage. I have been married 34 years to a wonderful man (and don't I know it) and I want to keep him. We work together on keeping our marriage as happy as possible and we do it by communicating every single day and talk about what we are truly feeling inside. We not only say it like it is, but we actually listen to each other and then work on the problem or do something when we feel bored. I find by my husband going out fishing, golfing or a pub night with his male friends and myself keeping in touch with my girlfriends and going out together refreshing. Being fused at the hip will make any marriage stale. If you can't entertain yourself then you are in for a few bumps in life. THE GRASS ON THE OTHER SIDE OF THE FENCE isn't as green as you may think, but your feelings are common. Is it worth it? In most cases no! If you start to entertain the idea of having an extra marital affair you are going to run a high risk of losing not only the respect of your mate, but losing him completely.

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Q: Why do you feel like cheating on your husband when you have been happily married for 6 years?
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